10 Key Elements of Postcards: Direct Mail Marketing for Landscaping

10 Key Elements of Postcards: Direct Mail Marketing for Landscaping

Mike Ryan

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10 Key Elements of Postcards: Direct Mail Marketing for Landscaping

Aside from modern marketing approaches such as local SEO services, email marketing, and social media marketing, postcards are the most cost-effective way for businesses to create brand awareness and initiate a relationship with their ideal customer. Sending out bulk direct mail can be a great way to advertise landscaping services to potential customers and local businesses looking for a landscaping business. Postcards that are well-designed communicate the specialties of the landscaping company in a way that appeals to the tastes and needs of their target audience. If you are looking to try something new for postcard marketing or if you're simply looking to boost your direct mail marketing for landscaping, then read on.

A well-designed direct mail piece will always outperform ordinary ones. To create a campaign that will bring your desired results, make sure to incorporate these key elements into your landscaping postcard design.

1. Clear, Attention-Grabbing Headline

Sample postcard with an attention-grabbing headline

The first crucial element of an effective postcard is a clear, attention-grabbing headline. Think of it as your business card--it helps catch one's attention, provide relevant information, and give a good first impression. The headline should be simple and bold, immediately conveying your main message without any unnecessary clutter. Its purpose is to capture the attention of prospective clients and give them a clear idea of what is inside your postcard.

When crafting your headline, think about what would make you stop and read a postcard. If it's not the headline, you may need to change the font, adjust the colors, or swap out the layout to ensure it stands out prominently. Remember, the headline is the gateway to making your direct mail postcard stand out, so make it count.


2. Relevant Supporting Graphics

Visual elements play a vital role in enhancing the impact of your landscaping company's postcard. These graphics should align with and reinforce the main message conveyed in your headline. For instance, if you're showcasing your landscaping services, consider including high-quality images of beautifully maintained gardens or lush outdoor spaces.

The key element here is "relevance." Make sure the visuals you choose complement your message and bring an aesthetic appeal to your postcard. A well-chosen image can capture the prospective customer's attention and help your message stand out. 


3. Eye-Catching Colors

It is critical to select the right colors for your postcard for your landscaping business. You want your text to stand out against the background and be easily readable. Make your headline and key information stand out by using contrasting colors.

When evaluating your color choices, ask yourself, "What grabs my attention when I look at the postcard?" If the answer isn't the headline or key details, it's time to change the colors to create a more visually appealing design.


4. Engaging Subheadings


If your postcard includes paragraphs of text on the back, consider using engaging subheadings. Subheadings serve as entry points into the content, making it more reader-friendly, especially when dealing with longer text.
Subheadings break up the content and provide a roadmap for readers, guiding them through your message. This approach is especially helpful for keeping the reader's interest when conveying more detailed information.


5. Benefits, Not Just Features

A common mistake in direct mail advertising is focusing on features rather than benefits. Some businesses that use Facebook ads simply list facts about their service. The important thing to note about a strong digital marketing campaign is to highlight the benefits to the recipient. For instance, don't just mention lower mortgage interest rates; highlight how it reduces monthly payments and improves the recipient's financial well-being.

The benefits that you provide to your customers are what will resonate with them and motivate them to take action. Ensure your postcard mailings clearly communicate the positive impact your product or service will have on the recipient's life.


6. Compelling Offers

Sample landscaping postcard with a compelling offer

Encourage immediate action by including compelling offers on your postcard. If you're creating a postcard and you want to include details that can be found in a landscaping flyer, use phrases like "Limited offer" or "$25 OFF First Lawn Service" to create a sense of urgency and motivate recipients to respond promptly.

Your offer should provide a specific reason for the recipient to take action now. Whether it's a discount, promotion, or exclusive opportunity, ensure that it's enticing enough to drive responses with your direct marketing campaign.


7. Company Identity

While it's important to include your company name and logo on the postcard, it's equally important not to overshadow the offer or message. Remember that customers primarily interested in a landscaping service would rather know what you can do than read how great you claim to be. 

Maintain a balance between brand identity and the core message of your postcard. Your identity should support and enhance your message, not overpower it.


8. Clear Call to Action

A clear call to action (CTA) guides prospects on what to do next. Use techniques from different direct mail marketing strategies, such as including a straightforward phrase like "Call today for more information" or "Visit our website." Similar to how every door direct mail craft their call to action, it must be clear and free from any misinterpretation.

Your CTA should leave no room for ambiguity. It should provide recipients with a direct and uncomplicated path to action, whether contacting your business, making a purchase, or accessing more information.


9. Contact Information

​​Sample landscaping postcard with contact information and return address

Following the call to action, provide the name of your small business, phone number, and website. Ensure that prospects have immediate access to the means necessary to take action without any hurdles. Transparency and accessibility are key when it comes to contact information.
Make it easy for every potential client to reach out to your business or visit your online presence. Providing clear contact details reinforces your credibility and trustworthiness.


10. Return Address

Including a return address on your postcard mailings serve two important purposes. Firstly, it ensures that any undeliverable or returned mail is received back at your business. Secondly, it communicates that your landscaping company is an established and professional entity with a physical location.

People often feel more confident dealing with businesses that have a verifiable physical presence. A return address adds a layer of trust and credibility to your postcard.


Direct mailing is your first step to brand awareness for a new client. Incorporating these ten key elements into your postcard design can significantly enhance its effectiveness. By focusing on clarity, visual appeal, and a compelling message, you can create a postcard that captures attention and motivates recipients to take action. Make sure to provide great customer service when a new customer responds to your mailer. Using direct mailer as a marketing strategy help landscaping companies build physical connection with prospective clients and foster customer loyalty. Here are other ways landscaping marketers can get in touch with an ideal customer:


Integration with Online Marketing

Integrating your direct mail marketing campaign with online strategies is essential for a cohesive and effective marketing approach, especially for a landscaping company aiming to reach a wider audience. Here are a few ways to do this:

Social Media Integration

  • Utilize social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and X (formerly Twitter) to amplify the reach of your postcard campaign. Share visually appealing images of your landscaping projects, along with special offers or discounts mentioned in the postcards. Encourage your followers to engage with the postcard content by organizing contests or giveaways exclusively for social media participants.

Website Landing Pages

  • Create dedicated landing pages on your website that correspond to the postcard campaign. Ensure that the web pages align with the design and message of the postcards. Include detailed information about your services, customer testimonials, and a clear call-to-action prompting visitors to contact you or request a quote. Use analytics tools to track the traffic coming from the postcard campaign to the landing pages, enabling you to measure the effectiveness of your efforts.

Email Marketing

  • Send targeted emails to your mailing list, showcasing the same promotions or discounts mentioned in the postcards. Personalize the emails based on customer preferences and behaviors, increasing the likelihood of conversions. Include visually appealing images and compelling copy to capture the recipients' attention and drive them to your website or social media profiles.


Budgeting and Cost-Effectiveness

When it comes to marketing your landscaping business, every dollar counts. Budgeting effectively and ensuring cost-efficiency is crucial, especially when utilizing traditional methods like postcard campaigns. By understanding how to allocate resources wisely, you can create effective postcard marketing campaigns without overspending, ultimately maximizing your return on investment (ROI).

Printing and Mailing Options

  • Research printing companies that offer high-quality printing services at competitive prices. Choose one that fits your budget while ensuring the quality of the printed materials. Additionally, consider bulk printing to take advantage of volume discounts. For mailing, explore options for saturated mailing or targeted mailing for specific households or businesses, and consider which will provide a better return on investment.

Measure and Adjust

  • Implement tracking mechanisms to measure the response rate of your postcard campaign. Use unique promo codes, QR codes, or dedicated phone numbers to monitor the leads generated from the postcards. Analyze the data to identify which strategies are most effective and adjust your future marketing efforts accordingly. 


Bonus Tip: Targeted Mailing Lists are your friend

When it comes to postcard marketing, a well-designed postcard and a well-researched mailing list work together like no other. A thoughtfully selected mailing list is the most important part of any successful direct mail campaign, but it's especially important for businesses like landscaping services since it ensures that you get relevant leads when you send out your bulk mailing postcards. If a business knows exactly what potential customers want and need, they can make postcards that send targeted and compelling messages. This approach, coupled with a visually appealing postcard design not only gets people's attention but also gets a good response and makes for a powerful and informed delivery tool that helps them reach their target audience and make a good impression on potential customers.



Invest in professional graphic design and compelling copywriting to create visually appealing and persuasive postcards. A well-designed postcard with concise, engaging content can make a significant impact and encourage recipients to take action. Emphasize your unique selling points and highlight the benefits of your landscaping services to attract potential customers.

By pinpointing your audience, you enhance the efficacy of your marketing efforts and cultivate stronger relationships with homeowners seeking top-notch landscaping solutions. By collecting contact information from potential clients, you ensure a constant stream of opportunities.

With proper planning and strategizing, your landscaping company can create a powerful postcard marketing campaign that captures the attention of potential customers and drives them to engage with your services, boosting your business growth.

Utilizing strategies such as Google Business, local SEO, social media marketing, and direct mail marketing further enhances the impact of your marketing efforts.


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