Maximize Your Reach with Zip Code Mailing Lists

Mailing lists by zip code are a perfect choice when targeting by geographical area. Plus, zip code mailing lists are eligible for some of the most affordable bulk mail postage rates.

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What is a Zip Code Mailing List?

In the mailing industry, zip code mailing lists are referred to as occupant lists, and the terms can be used interchangeably. These lists are used for saturation mailings.  

A saturation mailing, often referred to as "saturation direct mail," is a targeted marketing strategy that involves sending direct mail pieces, such as postcards to every residence within a specific geographical area. The idea is to "saturate" the area with your marketing message, reaching as many households as possible.

One of the advantages of saturation mailings is that they typically qualify for some of the lowest bulk mail postage rates available. Due to the high density of mail being sent to a single zip code or carrier route, businesses can substantially reduce their per-piece postage rates.

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When to Use a Zip Code Mailing List

An occupant mailing list is best suited for businesses, practices, or campaigns that offer products or services with wide appeal. Examples include:

Dentists or Healthcare Providers 

Nearly every resident is a potential patient for the practice.

Local Restaurants or Grocery Stores

New or existing food establishments looking to draw customers from the surrounding area.

Home Services

Businesses like lawn care, house cleaning, or pest control where nearly every household is a potential customer.

Political Campaigns

When a candidate or issue seeks to reach all voters in a specific area.

Community Events

For fairs, festivals, or other events where the goal is maximum local participation.

Retail Stores

When a store wants to attract as many customers as possible from the local area.

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Improve Your Mailing List’s Effectiveness with Additional Filters

Applying filters to occupant mailing lists enhances their effectiveness by refining the audience targeting. These filters, based on criteria like demographics or location, ensure that marketing messages reach the most receptive audience, leading to higher conversion rates and improved ROI.

Geographic Filters

Zip Code:
Ideal for extensive campaigns, you can target entire zip codes, which generally contain thousands of addresses.

Carrier Routes:
Fine-tune your list by targeting specific postal routes within a zip code.

Set a radius, usually measured in miles, around a particular address for localized targeting.

Number of Addresses:
Choose to reach the nearest set number of addresses to a given location.

Drive Time:
Opt for addresses that fall within a designated drive time from a specific location.

Demographic Filters

Address Type:
  Single-family homes
  Multi-unit dwellings 
  Trailer homes
Statistical Averages by Carrier Route:
 Average Age
 Average Income
 Average Home Value
 Percentage of Homes with Children

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Specialty Lists

Specialty mailing lists are highly targeted databases that are ideal for reaching individuals or businesses with specific characteristics or interests. These lists cater to niche markets, such as healthcare professionals, technology enthusiasts, or specific hobbyists.

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