Welcome Neighbors with New Mover Mailing Lists

Marketing your company to new movers can bring in new business and provide an excellent ROI for your marketing dollars.

The Impact of New Mover Direct Mail

The new mover market is an excellent opportunity to share your business with new prospects.


Annual New Movers:

Every year, approximately 10% of the U.S. population moves, which translates to around 30 million people.


Spending Power:

New movers spend more in the first few months after their move than the average consumer spends in an entire year.

(Statistics Sources: USPS, Epsilon, DMA, US Census)


Industries That Benefit From New Mover Mailing Lists

Here are some of the businesses and service providers new movers typically seek out when relocating to a new area:

Restaurants & Cafés

A new neighborhood means discovering new favorites. Offer a special discount to encourage new movers to explore local eateries.


Home Improvement Stores

New movers might need tools, paint, or other supplies to make their new house a home.


Furniture Stores

A new home means new furniture. From upgrades to updates, residents might need new furniture to fit their space.


Landscaping & Gardening Centers

From lawn maintenance to new landscaping, prompt new homeowners to spruce up their yards with your services.


Local Gyms & Fitness Centers

New homes often mean changes, including fitness goals. Be the solution for new movers looking to continue or start their fitness journey.


Grocery Stores

Filling the fridge is a top priority. Offering coupons can attract new movers to start shopping at your local store.


Hair Salons & Barber Shops

Why not opt for a new look to go with a new home? New residents will be looking for new stylists.


Dentists & Doctors

For new movers looking to set up services before there’s a medical or dental emergency, health professionals can introduce their services with direct mail.


Schools & Tutoring Centers

For families with children, information about educational services can be valuable as they decide where to enroll them.


Real Estate Agents

Many new movers rent in a new city before they buy. Realtors can target those folks who are considering buying in the future.


Banks & Credit Unions

Moving house often means moving money. Encourage new movers to open accounts at your local financial institution.


Pet Services

Pets need pampering after the stress of a move. Provide vet, grooming, and retail services for new residents with pets.


Cleaning Services

A fresh start means starting clean. New residents might want a deep clean before they fully unpack or regular cleaning services thereafter.


Local Boutiques & Retail Stores

New residents have needs, including decor and more. Introduce new residents to shopping options in the area.


Automotive Services

Mechanics are among the vital services new movers leave behind. Market to prospects who need car maintenance after a long move.


Entertainment Venues

Introduce new residents to local entertainment options, such as theaters, museums, and amusement parks.


Insurance Agents

New movers might need new or updated home, auto, or renters insurance.


Local Clubs & Organizations

Help new residents get involved in the community.


Childcare Services

Provide a solution for families looking for daycare services.

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Tip From The Experts:

Marketing to new movers and new homeowners is a great way to bring in new business, but the number of new movers can vary depending on where you are located, the economy, and other factors. At Cactus Mailing, we can create a postcard marketing strategy to consistently drive in new business from both new movers and existing residents.

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