Maximize Engagement and Response with the Right Mailing List

A successful direct mail marketing campaign relies on both the quality of the mailing list as well as targeting prospects interested in what you are offering. An accurate and fresh list that targets the most relevant audience maximizes the potential for engagement and conversion.


Accurately Target Prospects with Our Direct Mailing Lists

At Cactus Mailing, we offer dozens of mailing lists and hundreds of targeting selects, allowing you to zero in on the perfect audience for your mailing. 


Better Targeting, Better ROI

Mailing lists that are too general can send postcards to addresses who are not interested in your services, which diminishes your ROI. Our vast targeting options make sure your postcard efforts aren’t wasted. 


Top-Notch Data Sources

We source our mailing lists from industry-leading providers known for the quality and freshness of their data, ensuring your postcards reach the hands of the most relevant prospects.


Guaranteed Delivery

Our lists have guaranteed deliverability rates and are backed by our Delivery Guarantee. Cactus Mailing will refund the per mailing piece cost for each postcard returned in excess of our guarantee.


Step-By-Step Assistance

The Cactus Mailing team is here to help you every step of the way. From initial list creation to postcard mailing, we’ll make sure you're equipped with a strong postcard marketing campaign.

Find the Right Mailing List for Your Campaign

Explore the various mailing list types that we offer, or get in touch with us and one of our list specialists will find the best list for your mailing.


Specialty Lists

When standard targeted lists don’t offer the criteria needed to target your audience effectively, specialty mailing lists are a great option to reach doctors, dentists, pilots, political donors, churches, school districts, and more!

Explore Specialty Lists

Consumer Lists

Segment your mailing list to account for age, gender, income, home value, and much more. Use thousands of data points to narrow down your consumer list to the best prospects for your business. 

Explore Consumer Lists

Business Lists

Deliver your message directly to the mailboxes of key decision-makers to generate meaningful leads and establish valuable business relationships.

Explore Business Lists

Zip Code Lists

Often referred to as a saturation or occupant mailing list, a zip code list uses geographic targeting strategies to send direct mail postcards directly to addresses within a specified region.

Explore Zip Code Lists

New Mover Lists

As a neighborhood gains new residents, introduce your products and services to prospects at precisely the right time. We offer both new mover mailing lists and new homeowner mailing lists to allow for precise targeting of new residents in your area. 

Explore New Mover Lists

Ready to Start Driving Responses and Gaining New Customers for Your Business?

A well-targeted mailing list with accurate data is crucial to the success of a direct mail campaign, but it takes more than just a great mailing list. Boost the effectiveness of your mailing campaign even further with a custom direct mail postcard designed for your business and high-quality printing services from Cactus Mailing. 

We’re here to help with everything you need for a successful postcard marketing campaign. Speak with a direct mail expert today to get started!

Direct Mailing Lists That Drive Results

See how our mailing list and postcard marketing services have helped our clients grow their businesses.

Michelle Joffrion

Platinum Dermatology Partners
Communication is key for me, and Charlene at Cactus Mailing is top notch. She goes out of her way to make sure we have the right counts, and that we are being cost effective. Thank you! We will for sure use your company when needed.

Abby Smyth

Marketing Partnerships International
We have used Cactus Mailing for a number of postcard mailings for clients. Our rep, Joe, is easy to work with and quick to respond. They are able to generate quality leads with their targeting.

Jason Tudor

Count Junkula
I use Cactus Mailing when sending direct mail for my home service business. They have great customer service and their quality is great too. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for mailing lists and/or direct mail services!

Scott Yonally

Scott Yonally
They were absolutely the greatest. They understood my unique situation in needing to get a mailer out to a very targeted audience and gave me all the help I needed to run a successful campaign. I highly recommend them to anyone that wants to run a campaign and have it be successful.

Mailing List FAQs

Have questions about mailing lists? We’ve got the answers!

The update frequency varies by list type and data compiler. Unlike many mailing list providers that get their data from third-party sources, we source our mailing lists directly from the data compiler. As soon as they update their data, we have access to it!

For more information on update frequencies for specific list types, give us a call and one of our list specialists will be happy to answer your questions.

Absolutely! We have lots of clients that provide their own lists. Typically, these lists come from their in-house databases of prospects, customers, patients, etc. In many cases, these lists are on the smaller side, and we work with them to combine their list with one of our lists. 

Most of our mailing lists have a guaranteed deliverability rate, and our guarantee states that we will refund the per-piece price of any pieces returned undelivered in excess of the guaranteed deliverability rate. 

For example, if you mailed 1000 postcards to a list with a deliverability guarantee of 96% for every postcard returned in excess of 4% (40 postcards), we will refund you the per piece cost.

A suppression list is a list of addresses that are removed (suppressed) from the mailing list that you are sending your marketing postcards to. For example, some of our clients do not want to send a new customer offer to existing customers, so they provide us with a list of their existing customers’ addresses, and we suppress (remove) these addresses from their direct mailing list. If you have a list of addresses you would like to suppress, just let us know when you place your order.

The companies mentioned above are data compilers. There are only a handful of data compilers, and with the exception of specialty mailing lists, the data for most mailing lists (regardless of who you purchase them from) comes from these sources. The difference with our lists is that we source our data directly from the compiler at the time we run the mailing list counts, so there is no middleman ensuring you get the freshest data available. 

Plus, we buy hundreds of thousands of records every day, giving us access to super low pricing which, in turn, we pass on to our clients.

That’s easy! Just give us a call, and one of our list specialists can make recommendations and run counts for you. They even create maps of your proposed mailing area(s). There is no cost for this and no obligation. Since we don’t do high-pressure sales, there's no reason not to give a call!

Not at this time. While this option may be available in the future, Cactus Mailing specializes in providing turnkey postcard marketing campaigns. Allowing us to handle all aspects of your campaign provides the greatest cost savings and frees you up to run your business.


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