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Growing your real estate business doesn't have to be a struggle. Real estate postcard marketing is a proven strategy for getting new listings and signing deals with buyers.


Our Real Estate Postcard Campaigns Will Dial Up Demand

With over two decades of experience, Cactus Mailing is a leader in real estate postcard marketing. We create compelling postcard campaigns focused on bringing in new listings and buyers for real estate agents and brokers like you.

We take care of the full campaign, from design to delivery, allowing you to focus on closing deals. Our services include custom postcard designs, targeted real estate mailing lists, premium printing, addressing, and delivery to the post office.

Our strategy blends creativity and market insight, helping you stand out in a crowded real estate market. Trust us to fill your pipeline with new residential and commercial listings and prospective clients. Connect with our direct mail experts for budget-friendly campaign options that will help you achieve your goals.


Take Your Real Estate Business to New Heights with Cactus Mailing

We offer a full-service approach to real estate postcard marketing. Partner with Cactus Mailing today, and let’s create a postcard campaign that not only gets you noticed but also consistently brings in new listings and buyers!

Words from Our Clients

Read about how effective our real estate postcard campaigns have been for agents like you.

John Shelton

HomeSmart Realty Group - John Shelton
Cactus Mailing has been terrific. It's very timely and Charlene Smith is always updating me and has helpful solutions to my mailing needs. I would certainly recommend them any time.

Amanda Kost

Cactus did a great job with our print mailing project. We had a fairly complex plan for what we wanted to run and the audiences we wanted to send it to. Cactus was helpful in supporting our campaign idea and they did a great job executing the project.

Dwayne Williams

Houses R Nice Inc
Cactus Mailing has really helped my company get off the ground. Keep up the good work.

Rylan Folts

Catalyze Homes
Cactus Mailing was awesome! Their account management team was extremely responsive throughout the whole process. The team keeps you updated throughout the whole process from start to finish (Joe was amazing and took care of us)! Would recommend them for anyone looking for direct mailing and improving their brand awareness.

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