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The effectiveness of your direct mail campaign starts with targeting precision. Discover your ideal audience through our comprehensive selection of demographic and propensity targeting criteria.



Premium Consumer Mailing Lists, Better ROI

The quality of your data and the variety of ways you can target your audience are key to the success of any mailing campaign.

Bad data can lower your return on investment (ROI) by sending messages to people who aren't interested.

On the other hand, having more options for targeting means you can reach the right people, which can improve both response rates and ROI.

Engage with Your Future Customers

By targeting a list of individuals who have the highest potential interest in your services, you can tailor your marketing messages to resonate with these prospects. Consistent communication via direct mail allows businesses to nurture these connections, provide relevant information, and build trust over time.

High-Quality Data at Your Fingertips

While everyone likes to say they have the best data. At Cactus Mailing, we source our consumer data from the top data compilers in the nation, ensuring the most accurate and current data available. And we stand behind our data, backing it with a guaranteed deliverability rate.


Audience Propensities - Target Prospect Behaviors

Our selection options include Audience Propensities, which are selects designed to predict consumer behavior, as well as product and brand affinities. They provide insight into a consumer’s likelihood to respond, convert, and remain loyal. These insights are a proprietary blend of demographic information, buying activity, media behavior, purchase intent, and attitudinal indicators.

A few examples of the propensity selects available:

  • Price Sensitive
  • Engaged in Fundraising
  • Health Enthusiast
  • Self-Directed Investor
  • Contributor to the Arts
  • Dines at Kids’ Restaurants
  • Self-Directed Investor
  • Has Insurance through Medicare 
  • Theater Goer 
  • Has High Cholesterol
  • Had a Cosmetic Procedure
  • Fitness Warrior 
  • Likely to Buy a First House Soon 
  • Has an Unhealthy Diet

Browse a Sampling of the Thousands of Targeting Selections We Offer

We offer an extensive range of consumer lists comprised of a vast selection of available selects that enable you to precisely target the ideal prospects for your products and services.

Standard Selects

Marital Status
Households w/ Children
Age Range of Children

Gender of Children
Address Type
Home Value
Homeowner  / Renter
Year Home Built
Length of Residence

Premium Selects


Year of Birth
Month of Birth
Education Level
Number of Children
Exact Child Age
Ethnic Country
Voter Party Preference

Household Health

Homeopathic Conscious
Organic Conscious


Economic Stability
Net Worth
Wealth Percentile
Investment Types
Modeled Credit

Life Stages
Recently Married
Recently Divorced
Expectant Parent
New Parent
Recent College Grad
Empty Nester
Single Parent
Recent Mortgage
Recent Home Buyer

Real Property Data


Marital Status
Household Income
Presence and Age of Children
Date of Birth
Number of Properties Owned
New Worth


Loan to Value Range
2nd, 3rd Mortgage Indicator
Loan Date and Loan Amount
Interest Rate and Lender Type

Owner Type
Housing Type
Home Purchase Date
Home Purchase Month
Home Purchase Amount
Available Home Equity
Home Market Value
Delinquent Tax Indicator
Property Details
Square Footage
Number of Bedrooms
Number of Units
Year Built
Length of Residence
Fireplace or Garage
Heating and Cooling System

Automotive Data

Vehicle Make
Vehicle Model
Vehicle Year
First Seen
Last Seen
Vehicle Style
Vehicle Class
Number of Vehicles
Vehicle MSRP
Purchase Date
Purchased New/Used
Fuel Type
Manufacturer Type


Consumer Goods
Credit Card
✔ Investment
Travel & Entertainment

Propensity Selects

Dining Propensities
✔ Full-Service Restaurant
Kids’ Restaurant
Chicken Restaurant
Recreation Restaurant
Barbecue Restaurant
Quick Service
Mexican Restaurant
Casual Dining Steak/Rib Restaurant
Midscale Seafood Restaurant
Midscale Asian Restaurant
Fine Dining Restaurant
Buys Jewelry Costing $2,500 or More
Purchases Apparel from Target
Shops for Vitamins
Purchases Fashion Sunglasses
Auto in Market Propensities
Luxury Vehicle
European Vehicle
Japanese Vehicle
Full-Size SUV
Full-Size Pickup

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Postcard Design

Custom Designs That Drive Responses

Whether you're promoting an event, product, or your brand as a whole, our talented designers will create a visually appealing and impactful postcard designed for your business.

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Addressable Geofencing

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Through our addressable geofencing approach, we have the capability to deliver precise online display advertisements to the devices associated with the addresses receiving your postcards.

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Why settle for anything less than outstanding when it comes to finding customer leads? Reach out to our postcard marketing experts for pricing information and strategies tailored to your business needs. Choose Cactus Mailing, and let's start your path to business growth.

Reach out to our postcard marketing experts for pricing information and strategies tailored to your business needs.


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