Why We Love Direct Mail (And You Should, Too!)

We Love Direct Mail!

There are many ways to a market a business, all of which come with their own appeals and shortcomings. There are traditional media venues that have been around for several decades like TV and radio, that boast a broad reach but suffer from low targetability, trackability and higher costs. Then there are the latest digital media methods that grant many more options to the advertiser in their targeting and tracking capabilities. There are many vehicles to choose from, but they are all outmatched by one particular medium in one particular area. We’re talking of course, about direct mail, the champion of love.

Direct mail is beloved by advertisers and recipients alike, and here we will be listing all of the desirable traits that make it so beloved as a way to market.


Direct Mail is Highly Targetable

There are thousands of targeting possibilities available for your direct mail campaign. You can target by way of geographic location, sending your mail piece to all residences within your selected zip codes. Or, you can organize your mailing list by demographics such as age group, income level, parenthood, pet ownership and even more. Direct mail allows you to coordinate your list to get maximum coverage among your target audience every time.


Direct Mail is Highly Measurable

By incorporating a special offer, online promotional code, or even a website questionnaire into your campaign, you can make it easy to track responses and measure its success. Direct mail is a versatile medium that can be customized for all kinds of business goals. It’s always a good idea to set up a method of response tracking, especially when experimenting with new promotions or marketing tactics.


Direct Mail is Customizable

There are a lot of possibilities as to how you use your direct mailer to present your message to the audience and lead them into taking action. You can use your piece to inspire immediate purchases by way of limited-time offers and copy that conveys a sense of urgency. Or maybe think in the long-term and structure a series of brand-awareness building mail-outs. Your graphical choices should fully utilize the isolated attention that comes from being in the hands of the consumer.


Direct Mail is Familiar and Tangible

Simply put, everyone opens mail. It’s part of the human routine and neglected by very few. Direct mailers seamlessly integrate into this well-established ritual, which is why they are welcomed by their recipients rather than branded as intruders. It all comes together as a window of opportunity for the advertiser to capture their audience’s attention when they are seeking out value for themselves while in a state of comfort and security – maybe even excitement.


Direct Mail is Integrative

A direct mailer makes the perfect centerpiece for a multi-channel campaign. As a medium with a high likelihood of capturing the attention of its audience, it paves the road for future brand exposures. Designs with graphics and branded elements that can be readily translated into digital media, social content, and even landing pages, make coordinating campaigns simple and effective.

Direct mail has been a beloved way to market for decades. People love to receive well-designed pieces that offer real value to them, whereas advertisers love the versatility and opportunity that they provide. Direct mail will remain relevant for generations as it continues to complete the jobs that no other method can.

Interested in seeing what direct mail can do for your business? Cactus Mailing is a full-service direct mail agency that can provide everything you need for your campaign including design, list assembly, printing, and mailing. We can even setup and manage Google display and social content ads through our Smart Marketing options. Fill out the form below or give us a call if you’re interested, you’ll find yourself loving direct mail in no time!

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