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Using A Postcard Mailing Service to Call Your Audience To Action

Anyone with sales training knows you have to ask for the sale, no matter what you’re selling. You can send postcards to people that merely “announce” your business with a list of services and your address or phone number, but without a specific call to action, you aren’t asking people to buy. A postcard mailing service can help transform your postcards with irresistible CTAs that make the sale.

Although it’s easy to learn which basic elements you need for postcard marketing, knowing the nuances – which small details affect response and in what way – can spell the difference between mediocre and fantastic results.

What does it take to call your audience to action? Here’s how a postcard marketing service can help.


The size of your postcard, your headline and the images you choose work together to achieve your number one goal: grabbing the recipient’s attention. Without this first step, your message and offer might as well be invisible. Even how your arrange elements on your postcard can improve or hinder its effectiveness.

What to say about your business.

Postcards can hold a lot of information, but you still need to make your points concisely if you want to retain your prospect’s interest and move them to respond. Bulleted short phrases are easiest to assimilate quickly. They should focus on why your prospects will benefit – why they should choose you instead of a competitor.

Your offer and official call to action.

The offer you make on your postcard has to be valuable in your prospect’s eyes – something they want or need at the time they receive your mailing. An offer that’s tantalizing for one type of business could easily fall flat for a different audience, making this one of the most important areas in which a postcard mailing service can help you craft the most effective mailers.

And while a great offer is essential, you also have to give prospects a clear and easy way to redeem your offer – your formal call to action. It has to be time-sensitive, to urge quick response rather than making it appear your offer will be available any time your prospect gets around to following up. You can convey a sense of urgency by limiting your offer’s quantity, the number of eligible responders or giving people a deadline.

Because some of your recipients may have questions or want to learn more about you, it’s advisable to include multiple ways to contact you, from your phone number and address to your website address.


No call to action will spur response from the wrong recipients. Mailings by their very nature are geographically targeted, but you can refine those parameters to match the areas where your prospects live or work. You can also target your mailing list using a wide variety of demographic selection criteria, to zoom in on the recipients you want most and bypass those who don’t care about your products or services or specific offer.

An experienced postcard mailing service is expert at mailing list selection and can help you ensure your list is accurate and up-to-date.

Call tracking.

The final “call to action” in your postcard marketing process is the conversation you have with each prospect to close the deal. You have to make every one count to generate the most revenue and highest return on your investment. Your postcard mailing service can help you track phone responses and improve your conversion skills.

Calling your audience to action requires specialized knowledge and skill to create a total postcard “package” that intrigues, impresses and inspires your prospects to respond. A postcard mailing service eliminates the guesswork, so you will not only ask for the sale in the most irresistible way, you’ll close more sales.

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