The recipe for successful real estate postcards

The Recipe For Successful Real Estate Postcards

So you’re trying to cook up a tasty recipe for real estate postcard success. You’re off to a good start, because direct mail postcards are the primary ingredient in the recipe used by top real estate professionals across the country to build their business.

Since postcards are so versatile, you can create a recipe that’s just right on the palate, for you and for your prospects. Some cooks toss in a little of this and a little of that, tasting along the way to find the most delicious blend. Other cooks find a recipe and follow it explicitly, preferring to stick with a proven winner. Whether you’re the tried-and-true type or more adventurous, you can rustle up real estate postcards that are sure to impress.

Like serving plates, postcards come in different sizes.

Even the smallest – 4 x 6 inches – can serve your prospects enough tasty morsels to whet their appetite. And the larger 5.5 x 8.5 inch size can dish up even more tempting tidbits. Either size can generate leads and bring you immediate business, because they have plenty of room to display:

  • Lovely images of desirable homes, and perhaps of you.
  • Special services you offer.
  • Benefits of working with you instead of the competition.
  • Your track record, especially your most recent results.
  • Your special offer(s) – a free consultation or analysis.
  • Testimonials.
  • Business and professional accreditations
  • Contact information.

But the ultimate deliciousness of any recipe depends on presentation. With the right layout and design, your postcards will set your prospects’ mouths watering.

Pulling your ingredients together into the right recipe.

Keeping your sales pipeline filled with prospective buyers and seller like having a line out the door so restaurant seats are always filled. Postcards accomplish that by creating a hearty stew that builds awareness of your personal brand as a real estate professional, establishes trust and credibility and keeps you top-of-mind until the time is just right for prospects to contact you.

You can tailor your mailing list to match whatever demographics and geo-targeting you want, then:

  • Market your latest listings to people in the area who may want to make a change or may be merely interested in seeing what their home may be worth, with an eye on the future.
  • Show off your latest closings. Nothing says “choose me” like demonstrating success. If the home sold for more than the asking price or sold especially quickly, be sure to emphasize that as well.
  • Check the MLS to find unsold properties whose current listing is about to expire. Pull them together into a mailing list and send postcards to those homeowners explaining why you can do better.
  • Invite people to an open house or to your seminar on prepping a home for sale.

Repeat mailings allow prospects to see on postcard after postcard that you represent the type of home they want to sell or buy and that you get results for clients.

You need the right sous chef.

You can’t serve famished clientele in a timely manner without a crack team of experienced cooking professionals working in harmony. Your full-service direct mail company is your right hand when it comes to developing exactly the right recipes for real estate postcard success. They know the secret ingredients that will make your postcards truly unique. Cookie cutters are fine for baking, but when it comes to crafting a delicious meal that sells, you need differentiation.

A one-stop shop also has all the right implements and the creative talent to assure consistently superior quality, fast-turn-around and reliable on-time delivery. Just how tasty will your final recipe be? One real estate sales chef we know generated $23,000 in new revenue with her first mailing – and it cost her just $800.

There’s no higher praise than people who ask for seconds. With the right recipe, your real estate postcards will have people will be clamoring for more.

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