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When you have a business, it is important to spend your efforts on attracting the right clientele. When choosing how to market your business, you know how important it is to get the most bang for your buck. Targeted mailing lists in marketing is crucial to reaching the individuals that will use your services, rather than wasting your resources sending out mailers to people who aren’t interested. By honing in on the demographics that are most likely to use your services, you will save money and see more responses from your investment.

We provide the most current targeted mailing lists, so that you can have the most accurate information available. Receiving a detailed targeted mailing list and utilizing our direct mailing services are two of the best ways to grow your clientele base. Our lists utilize high quality information collected from Acxiom, Excelsior, and InfoUSA. Our direct mailing services allow your business to get out there quickly and efficiently.

We offer our clients the most comprehensive targeted mailing lists. We know that our lists have quality leads, which is why we have a guaranteed deliverability rate on many of them.

Some of the targeted lists that we offer include:

Consumer Mailing Lists

Free Selections: Our free selections include: age, gender, income, marital status, number and age of children, income, home value, length of residence, homeownership status, home value, among others.

Premium Selections: Our premium selections allow you to choose your targeted demographic more specifically. Our premium selections include more specifics like: ethnicity, religion, net worth, mail responder, credit card indicator, and more.

Basic Business Mailing Lists

Free Selections: Our basic business mailing lists offer free selections to choose a business type (SIC code) and geography. (SIC code)

Premium Selections: Not Available

Premium Business Mailing Lists

Free Selections: For premium business mailing lists, our free selections include: business type (SIC code), size of business, yeah started, sales volume, geography, and other indicators.

Premium Selections: The premium selections consist of: contact names, phone numbers, and job titles.

New Homeowner Lists

Free Selections: Free selections include publication date and geography.

Premium Selections: The premium selections encompass: gender, lender name, loan amount, LTV, property type, purchase amount, purchase date, and so much more.

Specialty Mailing Lists

Such as: Our specialty mailing lists are tailored to collect information such as: credit scores, student status, political affiliations, magazine subscribers, remote professionals, and so on.

Occupant Mailing Lists

Free Selections: These lists have a range of free selections like: dwelling type, geography radius, average age, home value and income of the carrier route, and the number of households with children.

Premium Selections: None Available

New Mover Lists

Free Selections: The free selections for these lists cover geography and publication date.

Premium Selections: The premium selections extend to gender, distance of move, property type, and previous address.

You can choose from a large selection of targeted mailing list characteristics to assist patients in helping them find your business. To learn more about our targeted mailing lists and direct mailing services at Cactus mailing, or to get a quote, please fill out the form today!

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