Smart Marketing:
The Most Powerful Advertising Tools

Increase Response Rates Using Google Display Ads and Direct Mail

Smart Marketing combines the effectiveness of direct mail and the vast online reach of Google Display ads to increase response rates and branding of your business.

What you get:

  • All of the benefits of our Direct Mail Postcard services
  • Google expert targeting and management
  • Synchronized campaign launch to amplify messaging
  • Repetition of messaging to promote branding
  • Precision campaign targeting

Looking for Remarketing?
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Direct Mail Postcards

Direct Mail Postcard

Postcard marketing has been our bread and butter for over 17 years. Our complete package includes the design, mailing lists, printing, addressing, postage and delivery to post office. We optimize our postcard campaigns for the highest response rates possible. We do this through the use of high quality mailing lists, precision targeting, and extensively tested designs. Call us to learn more about our mailing lists, targeting, and designs.

Google Display

Advertise to the right person at the right time with Google Display advertising. Most of the websites your customers are going to are part of the Google Display Network. Google then stores all sorts of advertising data on those people and makes it available to advertisers like us. We will setup your ads with advanced demographic, interest, and geographic targeting to get your message across to potential customers. We have experts on staff that utilize this targeting to show your message to customers most likely to buy from you. See how Google Display ads can work for your business by calling us today!

Smart Marketing Google Ads
smart marketing landing pages

Landing Pages

Looking to increase conversions on your marketing campaigns?

Adding a landing page or multiple landing pages might be the answer. A landing page speaks specifically to the offer or promotion of the marketing campaign. Landing pages typically get 25% more phone calls, form submissions and inquiries!.

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