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Postcard Marketing for Dentists: What Kind of Post Cards Will My Patients Like?

Your prospective dental patients will start liking your postcard marketing the minute they receive it. These days people try to avoid other traditional forms of advertising. They mute TV commercials or skip over them on their DVDs, they listen to all-music radio, and a lot fewer people subscribe to newspapers.

But a whopping 79% of households report they read postcard marketing when they receive it. That means your prospects are actually looking forward to receiving your message. All you have to do is send them the best possible postcard.

Grab their attention with a great headline.

Even though your prospects are happy to receive your mail, you still need to draw them in. Your headline should tell them at a glance the purpose of your postcard. Is it a special offer? A seasonal discount? An invitation to an open house at your new office location? What’s the single-most important piece of information – important to your prospect – you want to convey? That’s your headline.

Use an eye-catching image.

A picture’s worth 1000 words, right? That’s especially true for postcard marketing, because you’re making smart use of limited space. Use an image that shows who you are and reflects the personality of your practice. That might be a photo of you, but it could also be a picture of a teen with a mouthful of the latest high-tech braces, or a picture of a family so they know the type of dentistry your practice offers is for all ages. Smiles all around.

Tell them why they should respond.

Why should they choose you over another dentist? List those benefits as short bullet points, so they’re easy to read:

  • You’re conveniently located.
  • You’re offer evening or weekend appointments.
  • You offer the latest relaxation or pain-free techniques.
  • You use the latest technologies.
  • You have a child-care area.

Build confidence and peace of mind, by including a short testimonial quote or excerpt from a favorable online review. And display icons for the professional or business associations you belong to, because that builds credibility. Mention that you sponsor the local girls soccer team, because that shows you’re a good neighbor. Prospects like that.

Why should they respond to this postcard marketing? Prospects will like your postcard if it includes an offer that’s valuable and timely for them. Offers that will expire are most compelling, whether that’s an introductory period, limited-time discount or while-they-last giveaway with appointment.

Keep telling them.

Repeat mailings are important for your practice, for two reasons:

  • You want to build name familiarity and stay in front of your prospects. Not everyone is ready to respond when they receive that first postcard marketing piece.
  • You can quickly reconnect with anyone who was interested but lost your postcard somewhere between the mailbox and the refrigerator magnet.

Make it irresistible and easy to respond.

A compelling, timely offer is essential, but so is a simple call to action. If you want prospects to call your office to make an appointment, tell them to do that. And make sure your phone number is prominently displayed, so they don’t have to hunt for it.

Keep your postcard marketing light and friendly as well as to-the-point. Your prospects are looking for a dentist they can trust, but one they will like, too.

You’re a dentist, not a postcard marketing professional. That’s why it’s smart business for you to consult the experts when you want to create postcards your prospects will really like. You’ll save time and get much better results — great design and printing plus assistance with mailing list development and mail preparation. You’ll have all the elements you need to ensure you’re reaching top prospects in a way that will bring the greatest return on investment for your dental practice.

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