Dental Postcard Marketing

Every business needs loyal clients and customers that provide repeat business. A dental practice is no exception to this. Whether you just opened your brand new practice, or you have been a longstanding business in your community, everyone needs a consistent flow of business. Direct mail campaigns are a proven and effective way to increase traffic to your practice. New patients also mean more referrals, and it all stems from a strategic dental postcard marketing campaign.

What Will Have Them Calling for Appointments?

Larger size postcards – 5.5 x 8.5 or 6 x 11 – are most effective for dentists.
They stand out boldly in the mailbox, with plenty of room to display:

  • Smiling images that make people smile back
  • Benefits of choosing your practice
  • Description of the products and services you offer
  • Contact Information
  • Locator map
  • Your special offer(s)

We have found that our larger postcards have a great track record for dentists in particular. Either the 5.5 x 8.5 or the 6 x 11 size really stand out in the mail, and they have plenty of room for text and pictures. Along with strategic layout and good design, all of the components of our dental postcard marketing come together to portray your practice in the best light possible. We are confident that new patients will find assurance in seeing your professionalism and skill through your direct mail campaign. When prospective patients are ready to call, they will have the convenience of your postcard to contact you. Mailing once a month to the residents in your service area, or even choosing a more targeted demographic within your service area, is a great way to reach your highest ROI. Reach out to real people who can, and want to, benefit from your practice.
Our complete direct mail campaign packages begin at $825 and consists of all the components to deliver a successful dental marketing campaign. This includes mailing lists, postcard design, printing, addressing, postage and delivery to the post office. We are proud to have swift turnaround times. After approval of the proof and list processing, we get the postcards printed and in the mail within 5-6 days. If you need them faster, we also offer expedited delivery that will ensure your postcards are in the mail in as quickly as 3 days.
For more information about pricing and how dental postcard marketing and direct mail campaigns can benefit your practice, call us today at 888-634-0297.

What Clients Said About Their Direct Mail Campaigns

  • Thomas French, DDS

    “In this age of internet advertising, I have found that direct mail with Cactus Mailing is still the best and most cost effective marketing plan I have. The quality of their mailers along with the cost of production is far superior to other direct mail companies I have tried. You can’t go wrong with Cactus Mailing for your marketing needs.”

    John McNerney, DDS

    “We have found that the Cactus Mailing Company delivers a great mailing brochure. It has terrific aesthetics, it is easy for potential patients to understand the promotions and we are gaining more and more new patients with every mailing. We have used two other companies prior to Cactus Mailing Company and this company has been the best with development and changes too. We highly recommend them!”

    Dina Wexler, DDS

    “I was pleasantly surprised with the service provided by Cactus Mailing. We had been using another company for years and the price was much higher. With Cactus the quality is excellent and the whole process of direct mailing is made very easy. The response from the mailing has been amazing- people really respond to the postcard design they created for us.”

  • A. Art Kaslow, DDS

    “Cactus Mailing is one of the most professional, yet friendly marketing companies we have ever worked with! They had my drafts ready within 3-4 hours of making small changes….and gave me tips to send the strongest message to our consumer. Within 48 hours of our first mailing, we received 7 phone calls directly to our office!! I can’t believe I found them on the internet! They’re amazing!”

    Jurga D. Martini, DMD

    “Over the years we have tried direct mailing with different companies. Cactus Mailing turned out the easiest to work with. They have great customer service, their graphic design team is outstanding and they are prompt. The postcards are very good quality, they simply stand out among other mail. Although theoretically it takes a few mailings to see good results, we got our ROI after the first mailing.”

    Michael E Hyduk, DMD

    “We have used Cactus Mailing to expand the patient base at our dental office. Since the first postcards went out a few weeks ago, we have consistently been receiving several calls a day from new patients who want to be put into our schedule. Just in the past two weeks there have been 17 new patients that have scheduled! I would recommend Cactus Mailing to any dental or medical office that is looking to grow.”

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