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Let Cactus Mailing do it for you!

Let Cactus Mailing do it for you!

One of the biggest keys to success, with direct mail marketing, is to have a postcard design that not only looks good (professional and eye catching) but will also get people to respond.

It does not matter how pretty and colorful your postcard design is – if it does not have the right design elements (attention grabbing headline, call to action etc…) it is not going to pull a good response.

At Cactus Mailing Company we have designed postcards for over two thousand companies. We know what works and what doesn’t. Our graphic designers know how to create postcard designs that will get great results.

If your postcards are going in the mail – it makes sense to let us address and mail them for you. Here’s how you’ll save time and money:

*Your postcards or brochures get mailed faster- no waiting for them to be shipped to you
*You save money- no shipping costs to pay.
*You get lower postage rates- pay bulk mail postage rates.
*No need to store your extra postcards- when mailing regularly – we will warehouse them for FREE until you are ready to send out your next bulk mailing.

In most cases you’ll save more on postage than the cost of our mailing services. On larger mailings you will save hundreds even thousands of dollars over doing it yourself!

Give Cactus Mailing a call today to see what kind of results we can achieve for your company! 1-866-443-1442

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