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Ideas for Dental Advertising…Have You Thought of Direct Mail Advertising?

Whatever your message and whomever your audience, direct mail has what it takes to turn your dental advertising ideas into profitable marketing campaigns, efficiently and effectively.

Why use direct mail to bring your dental advertising ideas to life?

  • It’s proven to provide the highest ROI of any marketing medium.
  • It enables you to make one-on-one contact with prospects, with an “invitation” delivered straight to their mailbox.
  • You can reach literally every household or highly-targeted audience, to make the most effective use of printing and postage budgets.
  • You have the flexibility to deliver any type of message, from new patient prospecting to lapsed patient “recovery.”
  • It’s easy to measure response, by tracking calls or online visits, using a special promo code or turning your brochure or postcard into a redeemable coupon.

Direct mail comes in several forms, with self-mailer brochures and postcards being two of the most popular. Each has its own distinct value when used as a stand-along marketing tactic, and each can also nicely supplement a multi-channel campaign.

Postcards, in particular, have been proven to be highly successful and cost-effective. Send them to help prospects get acquainted with your practice – there’s plenty of room to reinforce your branding by conveying your dental care philosophy and services as well as make one or more special offers pertinent for the audience you’re targeting.

Repeated mailings build momentum, sustain interest and instill a sense of stability by keeping your name in front of prospects on an ongoing basis.

Direct mail puts your dental advertising ideas right in your prospect’s hand.

Brochures and postcards have a physical presence that makes direct mail unique. People can immediately engage with your mailing to see who you are and what you’re advertising, especially if you use postcards with their unparalleled attention-grabbing power.

But what really sets direct mail apart is the fact that recipients can keep it around – on the kitchen counter or posted on refrigerator – so they won’t lose your phone number or website address. That reinforces your name and message every time they look at your mailer.

Express your ideas with relevant, tempting offers:

  • A free consultation.
  • A free gift or download,
  • A price discount.

Increase response even more by creating a sense of urgency, with an expiration date or by limiting the number of people eligible or the quantity available.

It’s easy to convert your dental advertising ideas into revenue-generating campaigns.

Dental advertising ideas can zoom in on each of the reasons prospects should choose your practice over the competition:

  • Your friendly, highly skilled professional and office staff.
  • Your caring, personalized atmosphere and service.
  • Conveniences such as evening or weekend appointments.
  • Specialized practice areas such as implants or orthodontics.

You don’t have to become a direct mail marketing expert, you can partner with a team of experienced professionals. You’ll receive excellent guidance about everything from design through fulfillment, so you won’t have to guess what to do or take valuable time away from your practice and patients. By choosing the right direct mail company, you’ll be assured of the highest quality print production and mailing list accuracy.

Your brochures and postcards will be customized just for your practice and type of patients, with photos and colors that reflect your style and personality and remain consistent with your other marketing, to reinforce your visual branding and also help prospects feel comfortable and confident about making you their new dentist.

Patients have a choice. Dentistry is more competitive today than every before, and that makes creative dental advertising ideas essential to sustain and grow your practice. You have to let people know you’re here, and you have to let them know why you’re their best choice. Direct mail can help you turn your ideas into money-making marketing campaigns.

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