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Are you looking for an effective marketing campaign that targets an audience in a specific location? Think direct mailers. Think postcards. Postcard marketing is a proven marketing strategy with one of the best ROIs in the industry. It really works! Postcards allow you to zero in on your target audience, and their readership rate is more than 50%. Research indicates that over half of households reported they made numerous purchases each year directly associated with direct mailers. That equates to a fantastic ROI for your business!

Cactus Mailing Company has been in the business of direct mail marketing since 2001, so we know that direct mail works. We’ve become one of America’s largest providers of direct mail, generating proven results from millions of postcards sent for more than 17,000 businesses. We’re postcard pros—experts in our niche. Because we know no two mail campaigns are the same, we create each individualized piece with your unique goals in mind.

Whether you need a large or small batch mailing, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best price possible. Our mailing facilities and operations are cost-effective and efficient. We’ve perfected the art of target marketing with access to the best mailing databases, helping you pinpoint your audience based on location, demographics, and interests. These advantages help us get the absolute best results for you—at the best price. With a greater ROI than most other marketing channels, simply put: Direct mail works.

When you’re ready to attract new customers, increase sales, and make your business grow with a Cactus Mailing Company postcard campaign, give us a call. We can show you a free, no obligation direct mail marketing plan specifically designed for your goals, with your budget in mind. Contact us today!

If you have a specific question or would like to speak with someone about postcard mailing services and direct mail advertising at Cactus Mailing Company, please fill out the form.

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