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4 Tips to Get Killer Customer Testimonials

Testimonials from satisfied customers are extremely powerful marketing tools that you can use in your direct mail marketing campaigns to help persuade prospective customers to purchase your product. Some businesses don’t bother to ask for testimonials, or are intimidated to (because it can be awkward). However, positive testimonials are one of the biggest weapons in your arsenal to entice “on the fence” customers to purchase your product.

#1 Be Bold

If you want testimonials from customers, you will have to be bold and ask for them. There are many ways you can do this. When you ship a product to your customers, send a bright, colorful postcard asking the customer what they thought of the product. If you sell small products, wrap a piece of paper asking for a testimonial around the product so the customer can see it. These are just a few ways to be bold and get the customer’s attention.

#2 Offer an Incentive

Offering a small incentive to someone for taking the time to give a testimonial is a sure way to get a few people interested in giving you one. People love free things, and your customers will love you even more for giving them a “bonus” product for putting a few words down on a piece of paper.

#3 Use a Conversational Tone

This is a big mistake that a lot of companies make when asking for testimonials. They just send a list of questions that makes the customer feel that they are being drilled for information. This is awkward and puts your customer on guard, keeping them from giving you the juicy information you want. If you use a conversational tone, with both the questions and the query for a testimonial in general, this allows the customer to relax and give your product more honest, and glowing, praise.

#4 Use a Test Group

One good way to get a testimonial is to have a group test the product, and ask them to give a review of it. There are many ways to set up a test group. One is to advertise that you are seeking participants to try out a new product in your brochure. You can also use internet or trade publication advertising to get the word out.

Testimonials are a great way to propel your business to success, but you have to avoid the problems so many businesses fall into. Follow these tips, and you will have all the glowing testimonials for your direct mail and internet marketing campaigns that you’ll ever need.

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