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Would A Postcard Marketing Service Increase My Number of Dental Practice Patients?

A postcard marketing service can help you introduce your dental practice to the community and keep bringing in new patients, month after month, year after year. Postcard marketing works whether you have an individual office or a multi-professional practice, even if you focus on a specialty or general dentistry.

Sometimes, professionals such as doctors, dentists and attorneys think advertising is not for them, but all businesses need marketing to grow and prosper. How can potential patients learn about your dental practice, if you don’t tell them? Unless you’re the only dentist for many miles around, you have to sell and differentiate yourself, because your practice is a business.

Without an ongoing influx of new patients, your business will decline instead of grow. Postcards are so versatile and so well-received by prospects that you can use postcard marketing to:

  • Establish your name and brand for a brand new practice.
  • Continuously add new patients, to replenish natural attrition and keep growing your practice.
  • Win back lapsed patients.
  • Solicit referrals from existing patients, exponentially increasing your numbers of new patients.

How can postcards work for you?

Here are some examples of how different dental practices have worked with their postcard marketing service to increase their number of dental patients:

Example #1:

One successful pediatric dental practice used postcards for a summer campaign aimed at getting kids in to see the dentist while they’re out of school for summer vacation. Their goal was to increase their number of patients with the promotion, then keep them coming back for repeat visits throughout the school year. They targeted their mailing to households with children in nearby neighborhoods.

The result? 54 new patients and more than $21,000 in new revenue. Not surprisingly, the dentists in this practice were ecstatic, and they plan to keep working with their postcard marketing service.

Example #2:

This family practice has a single dentist who offers general dentistry plus implants, crowns, bridges and cosmetic procedures. Since he offers a wide variety of dental procedures and treats patients of all ages, his postcard marketing service recommended a saturation mailing to reach the maximum number of households in the surrounding area.

This dentist uses postcard marketing on a regular basis – important for consistent marketing success – and the results? “Total success, every time,” he says. For instance, one of his mailings generated 22 new patients and $14,000 in new revenue in just the first four weeks.

Example #3:

This is another general practice that uses postcards consistently, because “our postcard marketing service helps us get new patients in the door and keep them coming back.” Their typical response brings in 57 new patients and $42,000 in new revenue per quarter.

Impressive results you simply can’t achieve on your own.

You don’t have the time or expertise to devote to fine-tuning your marketing so it produces the best possible response and brings you the greatest possible return on your investment. A postcard marketing service helps ensure every mailing is perfectly aligned with your objectives and custom-tailored for your audience. You can rely on them to guide you toward success because they know:

  • What offers drive the greatest response for dental practices similar to yours.
  • How to motivate more response with time limits.
  • Which competitive benefits you should emphasize.
  • Which contact options you should include.
  • Which design details attract the most attention, including the right images, headline and extras such as maps or QR codes.
  • Why top-quality printing is so important to reinforce your professional reputation.

You have to market your dental practice, so you might as well choose the method and the working partner that can assure you’ll see the most impressive results, month after month and year after year. That’s why so many dentists choose postcard marketing and work hand-in-hand with a professional postcard marketing service.

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