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Worst Direct Mail Tactics That You Should Be Aware Of

Right off the bat, let’s be honest. A lot of the direct mail marketing strategies we saw the past few years were all such a pain in the ass. With their rich portfolio of blunders that seems to be just missing a psychopath banging your door with the sales brochure, the list of the worst direct mail tactics is quite long. We do love looking at them on our Facebook page though. So let’s just start with the more common (and funny!) ones at that. Remember that there was a time when direct mail services and postcard mailing companies did what they can to make sure that their mails get opened. With this in mind, let’s keep the snickering to a minimum.

#1 The Urgent, but highly Misleading, Subject Line

How many times have you received something in the mail that says “Congratulations! You Won!” but only find an envelope that contains a bunch of sales brochures and colorful pieces of paper? We all hated this because it created an unnecessary kind of urgency regarding something that is unimportant. It was plain old word trickery at its finest.

#2 The One-Size-Fits-All Look and Feel

Have you received one of those sales brochures that came from some direct mail service company that looked like it was sent from the Pentagon? The one with the sneaky packaging that suggests you should open it “because you have to.” You had no idea from whom it was from or what it was for. For all you know, it was just some kind of letter thrown about by just about anybody and had the lucky chance of landing on your mailbox.

#3 The Irrelevant Message

In the rough chance that we pick up and read the direct mail we receive, we are sometimes met with the mail that makes you go “Huh?” Thing is, it is so off target that you sometimes wonder why it has your name on it. Think diabetic being sent a coupon for a eat-all-you-can in a cake shop.

# 4 The “Where’s Waldo” Call To Action

Let’s say you bite the bullet and decide to answer a sales brochure. You read the piece 10 times over and hold it up in bright and dim light but it seems like you can’t find the address or telephone number, even the next step. Indiana Jones had a fairly easier time in searching for the Temple of Skulls compared to you and your search for the immaculate phone number.

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