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Why You Should Improve Your Direct Mail Marketing

If you’ve been using direct mail marketing for a while, you already know what a great tool it is to promote and grow your business. But what if it could be working even better for you? Maybe you’ve hit a response plateau and you aren’t aware of it because you’re still generating new business.

Improving your direct mail marketing could help you attract more leads and bring in more ready-to-buy clients or customers, boosting your sales and your profitability. What business owner wouldn’t want all that?

The good news is that even though direct mail may be working wonderfully for you right now, there is likely room for improvement. Maybe it’s time for a facelift. Or a new approach.

What are your business goals?

Is your current direct mail as well-targeted as it could be to achieve those business goals? Has your business changed at all since you started using direct mail? You want to be sure you’re reaching all your important audience segments.

When your direct mail marketing is firing on all cylinders, your results will be great, not just good. Your competition is probably working right now to improve their marketing. When you focus on refining your own efforts, you can stay top of mind with prospects and customers and stay ahead of the competition.

Get a fresh perspective.

If your direct mail marketing is giving you a good return now, it may be difficult for you to see exactly where you could improve. But there’s no need to ponder this on your own, you can call a professional. Someone whose entire business is focused on direct mail marketing. They can give you the kind of personal attention and great advice you give your own customers or patients or clients.

Experienced professionals can review your current direct mail marketing plan and materials with fresh eyes and an unbiased perspective. They can recommend ways to improve, with a sharp eye on which changes will be most cost-effective for you. They know your ultimate goal is a healthier bottom line.

You can get help to:

  • Create a new promotional campaign to give your business a shot in the arm to increase seasonal or specialty sales.
  • Produce a win-back campaign aimed at past patients or customers who’ve been off your sales radar for a while.
  • Find more creative ways to integrate direct mail with your multi-channel marketing campaigns. Or start integrating direct mail, if you haven’t done that before. It’s a terrific companion to other marketing techniques, not just a valuable stand-alone marketing tool.

And you can get advice about small changes that could make your current direct mail marketing even better. That’s important, because key component has to be working hard on your behalf. Take postcards, for example. Your direct mail expert can help you evaluate the overall design and content of your card, looking specifically at:

  • Your headline.
  • How you present supporting text.
  • Your photo or other graphic elements.
  • Your offer.
  • Your call to action.
  • How easy it is for people to respond to you.
  • Print quality.

They can help you fine-tune your mailing list and ensure your mailings are prepared in a way that assures you the lowest possible postage rates.

Continuous improvement is essential for business growth. No matter how well your direct mail marketing is producing for you right now, periodic review will help you keep it fresh and interesting and irresistibly motivating for your target audience.

You can be sure you’re targeting the right list for each campaign, whether it’s an ongoing effort or a short-term promotion. And you can be sure you’re getting the highest possible return on your financial investment.

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