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Why Postcard Marketing is Still a Great Way to Drive in Customers

Postcard marketing is a proven winner. Businesses of all sizes and types have used this direct mail methodology for many years to boost their brand awareness in the marketplace and to increase sales. Postcard marketing works. And that’s why it’s still a great way to drive in customers.

If you haven’t used this valuable marketing technique recently, now is a good time to consider all the reasons why it can be such a profitable tool.

Postcard marketing offers special attributes you can’t get with digital.

You can touch it, hold it in your hand, feel the quality of the paper and ink. A physical piece of mail is easier to save, so your prospect can remember to follow up. They’ll post it on the refrigerator, so they don’t miss out on your time-sensitive offer.

Postcards are a stand-out in the mailbox.

They make it easy for your business to get noticed. And postcards are automatically intriguing – hmmm, what’s this?

Postcards are in your face.

It’s almost impossible for people to not to glance at a card and see what it’s all about. They don’t even have to open it, so it’s easy to make a first impression and immediately connect with the reader.

Postcard marketing is convenient and affordable.

Those are things every business owner can appreciate. Marketing that combines low cost with high impact ensures great value and ROI. That’s equally valuable for small businesses or large companies. Postcards are fast and relatively simple to produce, and you can size your mailing to fit your budget.

You can partner with a full-service postcard mailing company to handle all the details for you – from assisting you with a winning design to printing top-quality postcards to prepping your mailing to assure the lowest possible postal rates. You can stay focused on your other responsibilities, knowing your postcard marketing experts are on the job.

Postcards may be small, but they’re mighty when it comes to delivering your message.

There’s plenty of room to make a strong, motivating case for prospects to do business with you. Often, all you really want from your direct mail marketing is to capture the reader’s attention and inspire them to find out more. And when you want to inspire them to buy right now, postcards can handle that, too.

You can reach very specific audiences with very specific messages. Or geo-target your mailing to reach a single neighborhood or ZIP code. You can generate substantial results from a postcard-only campaign, or use postcards as part of multi-channel marketing, online and offline.

And what’s the Number One reason this tried-and-true technique is still a great way to drive in customers?

Postcard marketing gets results.

For years, studies have shown direct mail to be more effective than email marketing for attracting new customers. So what kind of results can you drive using something as simple as a postcard, or a series of postcards?

You can invite people to visit your website to receive a special gift or discount, download something or “attend” a webinar. Invite them to call you to make an appointment, or come into your store to redeem your postcard-coupon. You can encourage prospects to join you at an upcoming trade show, health fair or other special event. You’re accruing business benefits like name recognition, engagement and credibility, and you’re building customer loyalty.

You’re generating sales. Did you know that half the households that receive postcard advertising make
multiple purchases as a result of postcard marketing? Postcards produce a higher return on investment than any other medium. And with repeat mailings, you’re staying top-of-mind with people who aren’t ready to buy just now. So when they do need your products or services, you’ll be their first choice.

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