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Why Do Some Practices Excel at Dental Postcard Marketing While Others Fail?

The easiest way to fail at dental postcard marketing is failure to consider using postcards in the first place. Sometimes, though, dentists try postcards to promote their practice without getting the kind of outstanding results they’ve read about. How does that happen? Why do some practices excel at dental postcard marketing while others fail?

The lure of “easy” can lead to failure.

The internet has a lot to offer busy professionals these days. It can certainly be expedient to go online, find a bulk postcard printing company that has ready-made templates and order some postcards. All you have to do is pop in your logo and contact information and presto! You’re ready to market your practice.

Unfortunately, this approach to dental postcard marketing usually leads to failure, or at best less-than-stellar results, because it does nothing to differentiate your practice. You have competition, and your prospective patients have a choice. The only way you can grow your business is by giving people a reason to choose you as their dentist.

Dental postcard marketing that excels is customized specifically for your practice.

Random acts of advertising never work, and they are a waste of valuable resources. While postcards can be fast to produce and nicely affordable, you have to individualize your work and do the best possible job, just as you do for each of your patients.

Postcards that are marketing winners convey your professionalism and the unique personality of your practice rather than simply listing some information about you. They instill a sense of trust and confidence in potential patients, by the way they look and the details they provide about you. Credibility matters for every business, but it is even more meaningful for dentists because many of your prospects are afraid of pain and the unknown. Dental postcard marketing can help overcome those fears.

If you want to excel, get professional help.

You didn’t become a dentist by doing a few hours of internet research and then opening your office. You studied long and hard to become a knowledgeable, trustworthy medical professional. To grow your practice, though, you have to be a savvy marketer as well as a skilled dentist.

Patients come to you to take advantage of your expertise, and you can do the same by consulting a postcard marketing professional. It’s a sure way to create postcards that excel at attracting new patients and strengthening loyalty among current patients.

You’ll save time. Marketing isn’t the only thing you need to build your practice, you need to focus on patient relationships, staff training and your own continuing education, community involvement and so on. All these things take time. By partnering with a postcard marketing professional, you can do the things you do best while they do what they do best – ensuring your dental postcard marketing excels.

You’ll eliminate frustration. It takes as much time and effort and money to create failed marketing campaigns as top performers. Poor results are enough to make you grind your teeth, especially when you know thousands of dentists across the country are benefiting tremendously from their postcard marketing. Rather than getting mad and giving up, you can enjoy superior results, too, because a professional can fix whatever has been holding you back.

That could be the design you’re using – the colors, the layout, the wording. It could be the quality of your printing – dental postcard marketing that looks or feels second-rate will not win over any potential new patients, no matter how great your special offer. And speaking of your offer, that may be a source of your marketing failure. Or maybe your mailing list is off-target or inaccurate.

Your dental postcard marketing pro can guide you toward the most productive choices every step of the way. instead of failure, you’ll be one of those practices that excel at dental postcard marketing.

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