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Why do people think Postcard Marketing is a Good Idea?

Postcard marketing is popular with two distinct but equally important groups of people: marketers and their prospects.

Why do marketers think postcard marketing is such a good idea?

It works – the ultimate metric for any marketing campaign. And it doesn’t just work, it works well for a wide variety of local businesses, from retail shops to homeowner services to dental practices. It works well for B2B companies, too.

It’s affordable. Postcards are easier on the budget than many forms of traditional advertising. Bulk mail rates and appropriate sorting enable you to capture the lowest possible postage costs, and design and production costs are low, too.

It’s targetable. You can direct postcard marketing to every household or business in your area, but you don’t have to. Instead, you can use selection criteria that mimic your audience – age, gender, income, geographic area, homeowners, new residents, parents, SIC codes, etc. – to reach only your top prospects.

It’s measureable. Much traditional marketing is hit or miss, because it’s difficult to measure the results. Not so with postcard marketing. You can tabulate responses and track earnings from them to compute overall return on investment. High volume response is great, but it’s that ROI that tells you how profitable your marketing is.

It’s fast. From conception to delivery, your postcards can be in play in a matter of days, so you can start seeing results quickly. Even better, postcard marketing supports easy repetition, a key to any marketing success. Each subsequent mailing reinforces your branding and message, keeping you literally in front of your prospects. You’re always top of mind, and your contact information at always handy.

Why do your prospects think postcard marketing is such a good idea?

Postcards are the essence of instant intrigue in their mailbox. If you’re a B2B marketer, your postcard is a welcome source of relief in your prospect’s boring business mail.

Postcards are colorful and easy to see – larger sizes stand out especially well. They immediately promise something interesting … but what, exactly? Your prospect just can’t help taking a closer look. Right away your headline delivers on that initial promise – there’s your offer, big and bold, just as your prospect hoped it would be.

No wonder that, in study after study, people say they look forward to postcard marketing. They pay attention to it, and a great number of them follow up. That’s the kind of audience every marketer dreams of.

And it gets better. Thanks to your smart targeting, the excitement mounts for your recipients as they continue to examine your postcard. Your offer is just what they need. They’re inspired to pick up the phone to call for an appointment, visit your store or office or your website. Or maybe they aren’t quite ready to respond, right now. No worries, though. Your repeat mailings will continue to remind them about you and when they’re ready to take that next step, your offer and contact information will be right at hand.

So postcard marketing is the best of both worlds.

As a marketer, you love it for all the right reasons – it’s fast, it’s easy, it’s effective and it’s budget-friendly. You can see how well it’s working, and generate ongoing response.

You’ll love it even more if you team up with a full-service direct mail company to guide you toward the right design and manage all the details of printing and mailing. That requires special knowledge, and it takes time. You’ll be money ahead by staying focused on managing your day-to-day business and thanking all those new customers or patients or clients you’re seeing as a result of your postcard marketing.

Meanwhile, you can bask in the glow of knowing your postcards are well-received by prospects anxious to find a good deal on something they want or need, right in their mailbox.

Photo Credit: @petereed via Flickr.

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