direct mail postcards rule the world

Why Direct Mail Postcards Still Rule The World

It might be fun to rule the world, don’t you think? At least in some ways. But you’re a business owner. You already have your hands full. As busy as you are, you cannot neglect marketing, because that’s critical to build your business empire. Direct mail postcards can help you rule the marketing world.

They have the power to attract attention, the power to persuade prospects to respond and the power to keep generating results, month after month.

Power to attract attention.

It’s not that hard to rule the world when everyone is happy to see you coming. Studies show that most people look forward to direct mail postcards in their mailbox and deliberately read them to see who you are and what you have to offer.

And while predisposition to engage with your direct mail postcards is nice, postcards that rule have to do more. They have to grab attention even from those not so naturally inclined to read them. That requires superior design that melds color, content and images into a can’t-miss presentation.

Power to persuade.

Postcards that rule quickly reveal your offer to your recipients, to keep them interested. What offer you choose to make has a big impact on how excited your prospects are to read more and follow up. But rulers have known for centuries the key is to make people an offer they can’t refuse. Kings and queens throughout history probably weren’t thinking in terms of giving people a discount or a free consultation, but you should.

Direct mail postcards won’t call your prospects to arms, but they will call them to action. If your offer is enticing enough, and if your call to action is easily, well, actionable, your best prospects will rise to the occasion. You have to limit their opportunity, though, so they know you want them to act right away, not someday in the future. The spoils do not go to the hesitant.

Power to keep your business advancing.

You can’t rule the world if you quit after conquering the first territory. Direct mail postcards don’t quit on you. Repetition is vital for the success of any marketing technique, and postcards make it easy. They put the power of repetition right in your prospects’ hands, by allowing you to send the same message to the same recipient list multiple times.

You not only generate immediate interest and response, your army of customers continues to grow over time. The right postcards can build their allegiance to your business, too.

Postcards that rule the world have a practical side.

Success depends on deploying all the tools of the marketing wars. That includes a carefully targeted, accurate mailing list that ensures your message is delivered to your best prospects. And a properly sorted and prepared mailing that can sail through the postal waters smoothly and arrive at your target destination at the least cost to you.

You need a field marshal.

You may be the commander in chief at your business, but you need lieutenants to get things done in a timely manner. A full service direct mail company knows the landscape of postcards.

They know the secrets of design that will grab attention, including details such as the size postcard that will work best for your type of business and message. They know what you should say and offer on your postcard. And which images will pull it all together convincingly.

They know people are more inclined to follow a quality leader, which is why they’ll ensure your direct mail postcards are produced on substantial card stock using the highest quality printing methods.

You can’t rule the world without a sound strategy. Direct mail postcards are one of the most strategic moves you can make when it comes to marketing.

photo credit: JD Hancock via photopin cc

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