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Why are you not Engaged in Postcard Advertising?

So there you are, chatting with a fellow business owner at a local networking event, when they mention how excited they are about their new postcard advertising campaign. As they go on about the tremendous response they’re getting, you start to wonder . . . hmmm … why am I not engaged in postcard advertising?

Every business needs more business. And postcards have a special talent for attracting new customers. But they can’t work for you if you don’t use them. There could be several reasons you haven’t yet discovered the business benefits of postcards, perhaps one of these:

You’ve simply never thought about it.

Business owners often have their hands full keeping things going day to day. Since your business is busy, you assume your current marketing is doing its job well.

You thought postcard advertising wasn’t right for your type of business.

You definitely notice direct mail pieces when you open your mailbox, especially those colorful postcards, but you’ve always assumed they were only good for businesses who wanted to mail to every household. Turns out, though, that postcard mailings can be highly targeted. Just what you need after all.

You heard it’s expensive.

When you use accurately targeted mailing lists, you don’t waste money printing too many postcards or mailing your chosen quantity to people who aren’t interested in what you do or sell. And of course the bottom line for marketing is return on investment – the cheapest options may not necessarily generate the volume or quality of response you want.

You read somewhere that direct mail is dead.

Hardly. When was the last time you actually watched the ads on TV? Most people mute them or use their DVR to skip over them. They subscribe to ad-free radio. And newspaper and magazine subscriptions are down. On the other hand, studies show most people look forward to receiving marketing offers in the mail.

You don’t know anything about producing postcards.

You’re a hair stylist, or a dentist, or a mechanic or you own a restaurant or a carpet cleaning service. Whatever your business, it’s not direct mail design and production. You’re way out of your element here, and you certainly don’t have time – or the inclination – to learn a new trade just to broaden your advertising.

Fortunately, all the help you need is just a phone call away.

You do all your business marketing online.

It’s virtually free, and it’s something you’re comfortable with. You can update your website, post social media updates, etc. yourself. And what you can’t do, you delegate to a staff member or your inbound marketing consultant. But that consultant has been hinting – rather broadly – that you need to use additional channels to reach all your prospects.

All those postal rules are just too complicated.

You tried a bulk mailing once, on your own. Aside from the fact that sorting and bundling the mail took up valuable time, the instructions didn’t make sense and the postal clerk said you filled out the forms incorrectly. And because you did it wrong, you wound up paying more in postage than you had budgeted.

If only you’d enlisted the help of a full-service direct mail company. They do all that for a living, so they know the rules inside and out.

They can help you design the ultimate postcard, with all the elements that spell success. They can print your postcards so they look beautiful and completely professional. And they can get your mailing prepped properly and into the mail for the lowest possible rate. It’s all good when you have the right team on your side.

So don’t feel bad for being out of the postcard advertising loop. It’s an easy oversight to rectify, and you’ll no doubt be glad when you do. Then you can be the one at the next networking gathering extolling the virtues of postcard advertising.

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