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Why are Postcards such an Effective Marketing Strategy for Dentistry?

The most effective marketing strategy usually includes multiple elements, to ensure you reach your target audience in as many ways as possible. For dentistry marketing, postcards are a must-have part of that multi-pronged approach, because postcards are both supremely effective and surprisingly inexpensive.

The benefits of using postcards for dentistry marketing are well documented.

Postcards are show-stoppers.

A well-designed postcard instantly grabs attention and proclaims your marketing message. People don’t even have to open it to see who you are and what you have to offer. That immediate engagement draws them in, reading further about your offer, your practice and how they can respond. No other dentistry marketing medium comes close to this kind of instant appeal.

Prospects actually want to receive your postcards.

It’s true. Studies show most people prefer to receive advertising information via mail than through other channels. Whereas most of us have become adept at avoiding various forms of marketing, by skipping or muting broadcast ads and ignoring print and online ads, an amazing 79% of households report they deliberately read direct mail advertising.

Half of those who read direct mail advertising say they make purchases based on what they read. And they purchase multiple times a year, on average. In other words, your postcard audience is already primed to respond. All you have to do is make them the right offer.

Postcards start generating results quickly.

That’s especially important if your practice is new and you need to start building a clientele right away. Or if your practice is expanding to a new community or a new part of town. You can introduce yourself and your brand and begin building valuable name familiarity as you continue to send additional postcard mailings.

Fast response means you can use postcards for short-term dentistry marketing campaigns, too – to promote a seasonal special or a special event you may be holding at your office.

Postcards continue to produce results, month after month.

In addition to seeing results soon, you’ll see response increase over time. That’s important to keep your practice growing and thriving. Postcards give a strategic boost to your dentistry marketing, whether you use them as your primary form of advertising or you use them to augment multi-channel promotions.

Postcards are adaptable.

Dentistry marketing can have a variety of goals. Using postcards, you can grow your practice and enhance patient loyalty by creating separate campaigns to attract a steady supply of new patients, promote additional procedures and more frequent visits to existing patients or renew relationships with lapsed patients.

That’s because you can design your postcard mailing to reach every household in your target area, or reach a highly-customized list of prospects. You can tailor your list by any number of demographics.

It’s easy to track your response.

Including a special offer on your postcard serves two important purposes. A discount or free initial consultation entices more people to respond to your mailing, and you can easily track those responses. You can see for yourself just how much income you’re generating from your postcard marketing and compare that financial return to your original investment. You’ll be impressed.

Postcards produce greater ROI than any other marketing medium.

A postcard campaign costs less than virtually any other paid advertising. Substantially less in most cases. Even if you’re lucky enough to have a generous budget for your dentistry marketing, you still want to make the most of your investment. And dollar for dollar, you get a superior return from postcards.

With all this in mind, it’s easy to see why postcards are such an effective strategy for dentistry marketing.

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