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Why a Postcard Mailing Service is More Tempting than a Cinnabon

Oooooh, Cinnabon. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind? That unmistakable aroma wafting toward you? The sight of that creamy frosting oozing over the side? The “ummmmm” sound that escapes as soon as you bite into it? Cinnabon appeals lusciously to the senses. Your marketing can, too, if you work with a postcard mailing service.

Perhaps you’ve never thought of postcards as sensual. But they can be. And an expert postcard mailing service can help you cook up some postcards that are so appealing your prospects can’t help but buy from you. Tempting, isn’t it?

Here’s how a postcard mailing service can help turn your postcard into a delicious marketing pastry that appeals to your prospects’ senses:

The look.

Postcards instantly catch your eye. They stand out in your prospect’s mailbox, just begging to be examined in detail.

The feel.

With all that visual temptation, your prospect’s hand goes straight to the postcard. They pick it up to read more. That’s when they feel the physical power of your postcard. Not all warm-from-the-oven, but substantial. It imparts a sense of credibility and reliability – the feel of quality, just the way you want prospects to think of your business.

The taste, the sound, the smell.

You could create a scratch-and-sniff postcard, or one that makes a noise, but your business probably doesn’t lend itself to that unless you sell gag gifts. Besides, a professional postcard mailing service will strongly advise against such a temptation anyway.

Postcards that go overboard in size or shape or that have bizarre details really aren’t very professional. And they don’t function well. They require special attention at the post office, so you’ll pay more in postage and your postcards may not arrive in good condition anyway. Who wants a Cinnabon that looks like it’s been dropped on the floor?

Ah, but with the right design elements, your postcard can evoke these senses, using words and images and the psychology of color. Picture this:

  • Photos of lush green lawn you want to run across barefoot.
  • Images of, yes, tempting menu specialties.
  • Or the kind of pearly bright smile that makes a parent love their child’s dentist.

Your prospects make buying decisions based on emotions as well as facts. That’s why you need marketing that appeals to the senses. A postcard mailing service has all the secret ingredients to help you bake batch after batch that will bring mouthwatering results, month in and month out.

There’s one temptation you should resist when it comes to a postcard mailing service.

Just like a Cinnabon isn’t exactly the same as every other cinnamon roll, you’ll find that each postcard mailing service is different in some ways. You should avoid the temptation to pick a company that has expertise only in the mailing part. Or only as a printer. Postcard marketing is a process, like all baking, and you’ll get reliably successful results only with top ingredients and a skilled hand.

A full-service direct mail company can serve up tasty (and tasteful) assistance with every step, from helping you create a smart marketing plan to designing and producing the best postcards to assuring you’re mailing to the right people and getting the right postage rate. Yum.

And you’ll get postcards that are as memorable as a Cinnabon. Your postcard marketing service will explain why repetition is so valuable to build branding. You’ll want to send your postcards to the same list of recipients on a regular basis. You may not become the next Cinnabon, but you will become well-known and trusted by your prospects and customers.

And here’s some extra frosting: your postcard mailing service is even more tempting than a Cinnabon in one important way: they can save you time and money.

Do not resist temptation any longer. Call a postcard mailing service. The results will be delicious.

photo credit: xxjoyceeyxx via photopin cc

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