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Why 2015 Is The Year of Direct Mail

2015 is going to be the year of direct mail. Local business owners have figured out that as important as online marketing is, customers crave a personal touch. Direct mail provides the ultimate – literally putting your message right into your prospect’s hand. They don’t have to go online and search for you, because there you are in their mailbox, with a valuable, timely offer.

It’s as if you could read their mind.

Folks who are new to town need new services from yard care to a hair stylist, gym and dentist. There are residents out there who haven’t yet tried your restaurant or shop. Some people may be looking for a private school, or a new church. No matter what you do or sell, direct mail introduces you to “your” people, and that means virtually any type of local business stands to benefit.

No wonder 2015 is the year of direct mail.

Whether your audience is nearly everybody or more narrowly defined, you can reach them affordably with direct mail, building awareness and reinforcing your brand while attracting new prospects with pertinent special offers. Staying top-of-mind with prospects is easy when you use ongoing postcard mailings, but you can use creative direct mail campaigns to nurture leads and deliver exclusive offers to existing customers. You can use them to generate referrals and build long-term loyalty.

You don’t want to abandon your online presence.

But have you thought about all the ways direct mail can accentuate the value of your website, email and social media marketing?

You can use direct mail to drive recipients to your website:

  • Create online communities for customers using the same segmentation you use for marketing. Then send a direct mail campaign that uses postcards as a “ticket” to join your community, by incorporating a code customers can use to redeem members-only tips, discounts, sneak-peek opportunities, etc. via your website.
  • Create a postcard marketing contest that invites customers to share a photo or create a caption for a photo you provide, then use social media to invite followers to vote for their favorites.
  • Use direct mail to promote online registration for an in-store event such as a trunk showing of new merchandise, hair and skin care demos or DIY bicycle repairs.

You can use social media to drive existing customers to their mailbox:

  • Ask social followers and website visitors to provide their mailing address in addition to their email address, to receive mail-only offers. Invite in-store patrons to sign up for your mailing list, too. The mere fact that you sometimes communicate with customers using “real mail” will set you apart in today’s electronic-oriented culture.
  • Do a BOLO campaign. Use your website, social media and email to promote “be on the lookout” in their mailbox for new product information, special savings, an exclusive sale time or other limited event, and use direct mail postcards to make the offer.

Direct mail is one-to-one.

2015 is not only the year of direct mail, it is the year of personalization. And nothing says “personal” like direct mail, especially postcards. Custom-tailored mailing lists ensure you reach the right households, and smart scheduling ensures you stay in front of them. Custom-design ensures your postcards deliver can’t-miss visibility and an offer that inspires recipients to respond.

Direct mail can do things for your business that online and other marketing techniques cannot accomplish. So while you may be very busy right now during the holiday shopping season, you also want the new year to bring growth and prosperity to your business. For the most successful marketing strategy, start planning now to make 2015 your year of direct mail.

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