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Who Uses Direct Mail Marketing in 2015? You Might Be Surprised.

Will 2015 be the year your business takes a great leap forward? Direct mail marketing can be your secret weapon. If you think direct mail isn’t “right” for your business, you might be very surprised to learn just how many different types of businesses benefit from direct mail marketing month in and month out.

Almost any company can make profitable use of direct mail. Postcards, in particular, offer a captivating alternative and provide a special element of intrigue for businesses that usually rely on online marketing, trade shows, print, email, etc. to attract prospects and retain customers. Direct mail can help B2B marketers reach certain goals, just as it benefits B2C businesses. And if you’re locally-oriented, you cannot afford to ignore direct mail.

So who is using direct mail marketing this year?

Businesses that want maximum reach.

Make sure you’re reaching every possible prospect within your target audience. Internet marketing may have broad reach, especially if there’s a lot of social media conversation and sharing about your business, but postcards reach out to every household in the area you specify or just the relevant households.

You can introduce your new restaurant, dental practice, tax office or boutique to the community. Or you can generate new leads in a specific area. Do you sell homes? Insurance? Home maintenance or repairs of some other service? Postcards are ideal for your business.

Businesses that want to reinforce relationships with existing customers.

Direct mail is perfect for upselling current patients, clients or customers, by offering exclusive, postcard-only discounts or special loyalty program rewards.

Some businesses use email but don’t have email addresses for all their existing customers. That’s not unusual for many types of businesses, even these days, but you still want to attract those customers back to buy from you again. When you have their address, a postcard campaign is an effective, affordable way to keep in touch.

Businesses that want to connect one-on-one with prospects.

Direct mail marketing goes straight to each prospect’s mailbox. It’s just for them. Besides that, postcards have irresistible appeal, with their colorful presence and physical substance. You can hold a postcard in your hand, turn it over, read it more than once and keep it for future reference.

Businesses that want to send an invitation.

Invite local residents to see your latest work. Realtors send postcards with a photo and message that says “I recently sold this house near you for $xxx! I can sell yours, too.” Landscapers do the same thing, saying “Don’t you wish your yard looked this beautiful? Call us today!”

Invite prospects to a special event, whether that’s an annual menswear sale at their store, an open house at your new dental practice or Easter sunrise services at your church.

Businesses that want to make the most of multi-channel marketing.

Direct mail marketing can increase website traffic and engagement by demonstrating your business is “multilingual” when it comes to communicating with customers. You can increase brand awareness or advertise special promotions:

  • Use direct mail to prospects to a landing page to download a coupon.
  • Use direct mail to motivate them to pick up the phone and make an appointment.
  • Use direct mail to promote the top five reasons to choose your daycare program or private school for their kids. Or your carpet cleaning business or auto repair shop or hair salon. Invite them to visit your website to download a relevant tip sheet or check out this week’s specials.

Businesses that want to track results.

Direct mail is easy to measure, in terms of response, revenue generated, return on investment and customer lifetime value – the ultimate number that tells you how well your marketing efforts are working.

Which one of these businesses are you? Nearly all of them, probably. So if you’re thinking strategically for 2015, looks like you’ll be using direct mail marketing.

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