When NOT to Use Direct Mail Postcards

When NOT To Use Direct Mail Postcards

You’ve been hearing and reading so much about how small business owners can benefit from using direct mail postcards, you might be wondering if there are times when postcards are not the marketing technique of choice. And you’re right – there are some reasons not to use direct mail postcards. Here are three:

1. When you’d rather rely solely on the internet and drive-bys for people to notice your business.

You have a great website and a great-looking storefront, so what’s the problem? Why would you need anything else?

2. When you’d rather not have your business grow too fast.

Who wants a whole bunch of new people at once anyway? You’d rather take things slowly. If it takes forever for your business to take off, or it never really grows at all, you’ve saved yourself a lot of work having to serve all those extra customers.

3. When you don’t care if you ever see past customers or patients again.

Hey, if they didn’t like something about your merchandise or food or service, why would you want them back? Who cares if they are spending lavishly with your competitor? And, another thing: “customer loyalty” is overrated. If they were really loyal, you wouldn’t have to entice them to keep buying from you, would you? There are plenty more where they came from.

4. When you want to offer more information.

Sometimes postcards cannot offer the amount of information you need to convey to your audience. That’s when you may want to mail a brochure instead of a postcard to offer more information.

On the other hand . . .

Short-sighted thinking is no way to manage a business, let alone grow one. And that’s why you have been hearing so much about the importance of postcards for almost any type of local business or organization. Postcards work. And they are so versatile, you can use them as your primary marketing technique or in a supporting role for multi-channel marketing campaigns, depending on your type of promotion and goals.

Direct mail postcards are perfect to:

  • Introduce a brand new business (or new location) to the neighborhood or the entire town.
  • Build name familiarity over time.
  • Make direct sales.
  • Introduce a new product, service or practitioner.
  • Attract a steady stream of new patients or clients or customers.
  • Promote specific events.
  • Win back lapsed customers.
  • Strengthen customer loyalty.

Everybody gets mail.

And study after study has shown that people love to receive postcards. Your prospects are out there right now, waiting (and excited) to hear from you. Don’t let them down. Whether your marketing audience is everyone in town or a select group, you can target postcard mailings to reach those most interested in what you have to offer. Few forms of marketing let you zero in on your top prospects like direct mail postcards.

Postcards live up to your prospect’s excitement with instant impact.

Right off the bat, your bold, to-the-point headline and great images grab attention. Your recipient can’t help but look more closely to learn about your business and see what you have to offer. When that offer resonates – it’s meaningful and timely – they can’t help but follow up. Another response. Another sale.

Postcards enable you to repeat your marketing offer, affordably. That’s crucial, for two reasons. First, consumers are far more likely to respond to offers if they have heard of the company. That’s why building name familiarity is so important. And second, people are busy and have a lot on their minds. Marketing works best when you deliver a consistent message to the same target audience repeatedly.

The bottom line is that postcards help you increase revenue. They help you generate new income by increasing the size of your clientele or membership, and they help you make the most of your marketing dollars by returning an impressive return on your investment. What’s NOT to like about that?

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