What size postcard should you mail?

What size postcard?

A common question I get asked is “what size postcard should we mail out?” It’s a good question but a lot of the time it’s asked for the wrong reason. People think sending a larger card means they will get a larger response. While it is true that a larger card will have a better presence in the mail box it shouldn’t be the only factor to consider and definitely won’t be the decisive factor between a good or bad response. The great thing about postcards is whether it’s a standard 4×6 or the large 6×11 people will look at the card before they decide to keep it or toss it. If you have a clear message and an enticing offer they will respond no matter what size the postcard is. Your budget for the mailing and amount of content that needs to be on the postcard should also be weighed before selecting what size card to use.

Why postcards are the best bang for your buck.

In business it’s rare that the simplest and least expensive option will provide the best result. The old adage you get what you pay for will hold true most of the time – but with direct mail marketing that gets thrown out the window. A postcard is the least expensive form of direct mail and has the highest readership. With a postcard people will always look at it before they decide to keep it or toss it. How many times have you thrown out a letter or snap pack piece before you even knew what they were offering? While sometimes it is necessary to send out a piece other than a postcard – most of the time it is not and the additional costs involved in doing so will lessen your return on investment. The direct mail piece is not intended to sell your product or service but instead peak the interest of the recipient and get them to respond.

Repetition yields the best results.

Anybody that’s in the direct mail business will tell you the more you mail to the same group of people the higher your response rates will be – which is absolutely true. The question is how often and how many times should you mail to the same group. A good rule of thumb is to start off with three mailings to the same list, mailing the drops one month apart. You can expect the response rate for each drop to increase as you go. After the 3rd mail out evaluate the results and as long as you have seen a steady or increased response from your campaign continue mailing to the same list. We have customers who have mailed to the same list monthly for up to 18 months and have seen great results.

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