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What Do The Most Effective Landscaping Service Postcards Look Like?

The most effective landscaping service postcards look like your business, not someone else’s. They show off your company’s range of services with beautiful, “wish our yard looked like that” images and text that explains concisely why your landscaping service is the right choice for busy homeowners.

Differentiation and repetition that build brand name familiarity and trust are essential to growing your landscaping business, no matter if you offer simple mowing-and-blowing services, comprehensive landscape and hardscape design, or installation as well as maintenance.

Standing out from the crowd starts with a customized postcard.

You’re selling free time, family time, and lifestyle enhancement. So focus on what sets your business apart — the benefits of choosing your landscaping service. Bright, colorful images will grab your prospects’ attention and help them instantly envision how much better their yard will look — and how much less time they’ll have to spend dealing with it – when they hire you.

Marketing postcards come in different sizes, but for landscaping services, 4×6 and 5.5×8.5 sizes work best. There’s plenty of space to show off your images of leafy gardens and lush lawns that still include other key elements which grab your prospect’s attention and motivate them to pick up the phone.

For landscaping postcards, it’s also important to include credibility-builders such as customer testimonials and logos of professional organizations you belong to, such as nursery or landscape associations and the Better Business Bureau.

You can use landscaping postcards to attract new business and upsell customers, by promoting:

  • Design and installation services.
  • Yard repair.
  • Ongoing maintenance.
  • Specialty services such as tree care, pest management consultation or fancy topiary pruning.
  • Seasonal services such as spring spruce-up or winter-readiness.
  • Your kid- and pet-friendly products and techniques
  • Special campaigns to solicit referrals from your happy customers.

When you give recipients a time-sensitive, attractive discount or special offer, they’ll act right away.

Quality says you’re a professional.

Great-looking postcards tell people your business cares about quality work. That’s extra-important when it comes to landscaping services, because most people take special pride in a well-maintained yard that’s the envy of the neighborhood. Your landscaping postcards not only have to be well-designed, they should be professionally printed with bright, crisp detail on paper stock that’s substantial enough to travel smoothly through the mail.

When is the best time to send your landscaping postcards?

Successful marketing requires repetition, whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been in business for years. Postcards generate immediate response and, through consistent repetition, build increasing response over time.

Ideally, you should send a series of three or four mailings, spaced a couple of weeks apart, just before the beginning of the season to get your business off to a solid start. Then, you’ll want to continue with smaller monthly mailings throughout the season, to fill in any gaps due to lost accounts and keep building your overall client base.

Landscaping postcards are especially affordable if you target your mailings to single family homeowners within the geographic area you serve. Depending on your specific range of services, you may want to further tailor your lists by income level or home value. You may want to do a separate campaign aimed at business owners or property managers, if you have commercial customers.

Why leave the details to chance or your best guess?

Working with a full-service postcard marketing company ensures your mailings will contain all the elements proven to bring maximum results for landscaping businesses like yours. Hiring a professional to help with your postcard marketing makes sense for all the same reasons people hire you – it frees you up to concentrate on serving your customers and building your business, so you can grow some green of your own.

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