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What are Some Great Small Business Marketing Ideas?

One thing that’s especially important for small business marketing is variety. You may already have a key advertising technique that’s working very well to promote new business and drive increased sales. Postcard marketing is a good example. A lot of business owners rely on that solely, because it’s so effective. But you should still incorporate other small business marketing ideas into your strategy.

Why does variety matter so much?

It backs up your key advertising channel.

Repetition is crucial for marketing success, but when prospective customers or clients or patients see your name and logo in many different places it reinforces your branding and your reputation. When small business marketing ideas show you’re “everywhere,” it tells people you’re a solid local business and community member.

It ensures you’re reaching the broadest possible audience.

With something like postcard marketing, you can literally reach every door in your service area with ongoing marketing messaging. But not every small business caters to every possible shopper. So while your postcards are being delivered to your targeted prospects’ mailbox, you can reach out to them in other ways, too.

People have different learning styles.

If you’re using direct mail, you’re delivering the strongest visual impact available – easy to see and understand, right in people’s hands. But some people relate more to hearing a message, or touching a product. You want to appeal to prospects in the way that’s most meaningful to them. Variety allows that.

People prefer to do business with people they know and like.

It’s just human nature. But that means you have to get out there and meet them. Networking can take place at formally organized business and social events, or just about anywhere. Every time you hand out your business card, you’re marketing your business.

So what are some great small business marketing ideas that could work for you?

There are plenty of ways to promote your business that don’t have to consume a lot of your time or resources. You’ve probably thought of several just reading the reasons we’ve outlined above, and here are some more:

  • Sell inside your store or office. Whether you’re a dentist, an accountant, a retailer or a restaurateur, people come to your place of business to buy from you. Once they’re inside, do you keep selling? Retailers are usually good at upselling customers, and most food and beverage operations at least promote today’s menu or happy hour special. But every business can use countertop signage or posters, displays or thank-you-for-visiting coupons to encourage additional sales.
  • Speak at a mom’s group about the importance of dental care for infants and toddlers. Or to a neighborhood association about how they can use sustainable landscaping techniques (from your company, of course) to maintain their common areas.
  • Hold a private wine tasting for key prospects, right in your wine store.
  • Sponsor a kids sports team, or the monthly Chamber of Commerce luncheon. People much prefer to buy from businesses they see giving back to the community.
  • Write a guest column for the local paper, giving tips that relate to whatever you do or sell. That builds your reputation as an expert in your field, and it demonstrates you’re willing to help people with free-but-valuable information, not just sell them something.

You get the idea. Great small business marketing ideas are limited only by your imagination, what matters to your audience and your time. Just remember that every minute or dollar you spend promoting your business is an investment in your future growth and profitability. So consider the cost-benefit of different ideas as you’re deciding which ones to implement.

The most important thing is to choose the ideas that resonate with you, personally, and that represent the best fit with your customers and prospects. Marketing should be relevant, and you should have fun.

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