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Want to Have More Appealing Postcards for Marketing? Read This!

Postcards that work most profitably are not those that appeal to you as a business owner or marketer. They’re the ones that appeal irresistibly to your best prospects. If your direct mail marketing isn’t generating the results you want – or you simply want to kick it up a notch – perhaps you need more appealing postcards.

Postcards have natural appeal.

One of the reasons postcards are such an effective marketing tool for so many different types of businesses is their intrinsic allure. They are instantly intriguing in the mailbox, or in the pile that lands on your desk when the office mail is delivered. (Yes, postcards have great appeal for B2B marketing, not just consumer-oriented businesses.)

They stand out simply because they are a postcard, whether they’re a standard size or a jumbo. People automatically gravitate to them and pick them up. Who is this from? What’s the message?

Appealing postcards grab attention.

Now that your prospect has your postcard in hand, does the overall design appeal to them? Does your headline immediately capture their attention and make them want to know more? If it doesn’t your prospects will lose interest.

Appealing postcards excite.

Pretty design is attractive and eye-catching, but this is not enough. Even for a postcard, beauty is only “skin deep.” Your prospect wants to know what’s in it for them to read further. Are you making them a special offer? Why should they choose your business over the competition?

Including a valuable offer is far more appealing to your prospects than simply sending postcards that “announce” your business. However, there are two parts to the most effective offers. You need to limit availability. The only thing more appealing than a good deal is an exclusive deal – available only for a limited time, in limited quantities or to a limited number of people.

Now your prospects are not only excited about your offer, they’re motivated to act quickly.

The appeal of efficiency.

Business owners are busy people. You know marketing is vital to grow your business, but there are so many things pulling you in other directions. Wouldn’t it be great to save time and know your marketing is in expert hands? Rather than worrying about how to create more appealing postcards, you could concentrate on developing more appealing products and services, or spending more quality time with your customers.

A full-service direct mail company can be your new best friend in business. They’re staffed with experts who know first-hand what works and what misses the mark when it comes to postcards. Thanks to their experience working with other businesses like yours, they know what details appeal most to your target audience.

You can call on them for professional assistance “A to Z,” including::

  • Creative design.
  • Creating the right content.
  • Developing the right offer and call to action.
  • Mailing list selection.
  • Top-quality printing.
  • Sorting and mailing.
  • All the necessary paperwork.
  • Securing the lowest possible postage rate.

You’ll get the most appealing postcards possible. Or you can call on your team of experts for help with specific services or advice where you feel you need it most. You’ll still get more appealing postcards than you can create on your own.

The appeal of a profitable return on investment.

The most appealing postcards generate the most business and the most income, especially when you use them in series, over time, to reinforce and build upon your marketing messages. You will not only bring more customers or clients or patients in the door, you’ll be able to push more of the revenue you earn all the way to your bottom line.

photo credit: internets_dairy via photopin cc

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