6 lessons about postcards marketing

Top 6 Lessons to Learn about Postcards for Marketing

When you’re learning about postcards for marketing, you want to look at two things: what they can do for you and how to make the most of them. As you study these lessons, you’ll learn just how versatile postcards for marketing can be. It’s no wonder so many businesses rely on them.

Lesson #1: Using postcards for marketing is probably right for your business.

You can use postcards successfully to drive traffic to your online business, bring people into your place of business or generate high quality leads for your B2B business. Postcards are proven winners for dental and medical practices, homeowner services, restaurants and retail shops, schools and churches.

You can introduce your business, reinforce your branding, directly increase sales of your products or services,
upsell existing customers, solicit referrals and win back lapsed customers.

Which of these opportunities would most benefit your business?

Lesson #2: Successful marketing depends on targeting.

Direct mail lends itself nicely to targeting, so you can reach the right people with your marketing message, literally delivering it right into their hands. You can create campaigns to generate repeat business by mailing to existing customers or patients, or you can generate new business by mailing to the kinds of people you know want your services or products.

You can narrow your list using demographic data such as gender, age or neighborhood, and you can use even more specific criteria to reach homeowners, parents and so on. Detailed targeting not only assures the best possible response, it makes the best use of your marketing budget, in turn giving you the highest return on your investment.

Lesson #3: Good design sells.

The foundation of successful design is customization. Postcard design that works for the business down the street may not work for you, and besides, you want to stand out from everyone else, not copy them. Custom-designed postcards don’t just include your logo, they incorporate a series of elements from text to photos and other images that create an irresistible visual package that sells your business as well as your special offer.

Effective postcards for marketing also require a compelling offer and call to action that motivates recipients to follow up. It takes skill to craft a postcard that’s a “hit” in every regard, because all the elements have to work together. If they don’t, your postcard campaign may fall flat.

Lesson #4: Quality reflects on your business.

This is just as true when you’re using postcards for marketing as it is for every other aspect of your business, from developing your product line to dealing with customers. In the case of postcards, quality shines through your exceptional design work and it’s subtly reinforced by top-notch printing that looks bright and crisp and card stock that feels substantial in the hand.

And as a side lesson, higher quality postcard stock will travel through the mail and arrive in far better condition than flimsy paper.

Lesson #5: Postage rates vary.

Many business owners assume that “bulk rate” is the same, no matter what. In fact, the quantity of your mailing, the size of the postcard and your mailing list all affect the rate you will pay. The rules can be a bit complicated, but if you understand them you can keeps your costs to a minimum.

Lesson #6: Consulting an expert will shorten your learning curve.

Your best resource is a direct mail company that specializes in postcard marketing and provides a full range of services from creative design through production and mailing. You can get single-source guidance and hands-on help that will be well-coordinated and strategically smart for your business.

You’ll save time and get better results. You can sidestep costly trial-and-error and go directly to seeing impressive response. An expert can show you how to easily track that response and calculate your ROI, so you can watch your results continue to grow over time.

Photo Credit: @klmircea via Flickr.
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