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Top 10 Compelling Reasons Why Your Marketing Needs Direct Mailing

Direct mail marketing works so well for so many different types of businesses, it’s simply too good not to include as part of your marketing mix. It works for B2C companies and B2B marketers, too.


1. Direct mail marketing is a great choice for:

  • Acquiring new customers or clients or patients.
  • Retaining existing customers, to increase loyalty and repeat sales. The longer they buy from you, and the more they buy, the greater their lifetime customer value for your business, and that’s one of the most important metrics in marketing.
  • Nurturing relationships. Regular repetition of mailings strengthens your branding and ensures your marketing offer is in front of prospects when they want to buy.
  • Re-attracting customers you haven’t heard from in a while.

2. Direct mail is doubly valuable. It’s an excellent resource for stand-alone marketing projects and it’s also useful to complement and add dimension to an integrated marketing effort that includes other online or offline channels. Direct mail can expand and support ongoing marketing efforts or individual marketing campaigns.

3. Postcards and self-mailer brochures are the ultimate attention-grabbers. Competition is tougher than ever these days, and direct mail enables you to stand out because it’s instantly intriguing, informative and inspiring.

4. Postcards, especially, pack a powerful punch into a small space, so they’re not only effective but cost-effective. That’s something every marketer can appreciate. Direct mail can help you maximize even a modest marketing budget, ensuring your investment pays off with a strong, ongoing return that builds both awareness and sales for your business.

5. You can put your message directly into the hands of prospects and existing customers, to introduce your business or a new product or service, or to drive repeat sales.

6. The reach of traditional channels such as newspapers, magazines, radio and television is rapidly declining, because consumers have learned they can mentally tune out ads or literally cut them out by using their DVR or patronizing advertising-free alternatives. On the other hand, mail is irresistible. It’s delivered right to your prospect’s mailbox. They can touch it and interact with it in unique ways. They can spend time with your mail – re-reading it or saving it — so you have more than a single fleeting opportunity to make your point.

7. Direct mail offers tailored targeting, something that’s key to most successful marketing. You can easily reach everyone or a select group, depending on your business and goals.

8. Direct mail delivers a strong call to action prospects can respond to right away. You can track and measure results, so you can actually quantify your return on investment.

9. Consumers continue to have a positive opinion of direct mail. That means your prospects are anxious to hear from you, and your marketing can immediately pique their interest. Surveys shows that people deliberately check their mail for offers, deals, etc. – in fact, an amazing 79% of households say they read advertising postcards they receive. And more than half of them report they purchase – not just once, but multiple times per year – from companies that reach out to them via direct mail marketing.

10. Studies also show people would rather hear from you through the postal mail than via email, which no doubt explains the fact that direct mail marketing has long been significantly more successful than email.

You can team up with a direct mail marketing company to create a smart, strategic plan based on your business and marketing goals. Your team of experts will implement your plan in a way that’s proven to generate top results, both in the near term and over time. They’ll concentrate on what they do best – successful direct mail – and you can continue to concentrate on managing and growing your business. What a great partnership!

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