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Time to Jump into 2014 with Postcard Marketing!

NOW is the time to start planning for 2014!

December tends to be a slower time for us here at Cactus Mailing. Which allows us to consider what we want for the upcoming year. We think that is a perfect idea for you as well. Everyone wants to build their business and starting the new year off with a bang is really the way to go. While everyone else is recovering form the holidays you will have a strategic plan in place to kick 2014 butt!

Whether you are a restaurant, dentist, tanning salon or child care facility your competition has already begun their 2014 marketing efforts. Really. It’s true. Did you know that it will take an average of 4 weeks from start to finish to get your postcard campaign in the mailbox of your customers? It’s true. If you are starting a brand new campaign you want to allow for time. Start thinking about the degree of global domination you want to have for 2014. Now, how can that be broken down each month? Each quarter? Are you getting the hang of it now? That’s called Reverse Engineering. Take the end result and figure out how you get there.

Who is ready to do some Reverse Engineering with us? How can we help your business in 2014?

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