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The Easy Way to Lower the Cost of Direct Mail

Affordability is one of the many reasons business owners love to use direct mail marketing. So you might wonder how easy it is to lower the cost of direct mail further. You can do it, though, if you take specific steps. It’s easy.


Because direct mail is affordable, you might be tempted to simply print and mail a huge quantity, in the hope of getting a “decent” response. Mailing to everybody only makes sense if everybody is a potential customer, client or patient.

Whatever the demographics of your audience or the geographic parameters of your service area, you can target your direct mail marketing to zero in on the people most likely to buy from you. That’s true if you’re an orthodontist, the owner of a neighborhood bistro or a pest control specialist.

When you’re mailing to the right people, you’re eliminating waste, and that lowers the cost of direct mail. Every marketing dollar is working hard on your behalf.

Pleasing your prospects.

These days people go out of their way to ignore most traditional advertising, because they’re inundated with TV, radio, billboards and print ads they don’t care about. Yet, people still look forward to seeing if there’s a great offer in today’s mail.

Instead of shutting out your message, they’re immediately interested. If you’re using postcards – the most affordable form of direct mail – your prospects won’t even have to open an envelope to be captivated by your offer. That instant interest increases response rates, and that helps lower your overall costs.


Everyone knows you can save money by mailing in bulk. But did you know bulk mail rates aren’t all the same? And do you know how to tell if you’re getting the lowest possible rate? It’s not as easy as sticking a stamp on an envelope.

You need in-depth knowledge of the postal process. The size and shape of your mailer, the quantity, your mailing list targeting all come together to determine what you pay. If one factor is out of alignment, you’ll pay too much.

Return on investment.

Even car dealers are talking about “total cost of ownership” these days, because up-front price is just the beginning. Similarly, you can’t accurately identify the return on your marketing investment without considering long-term results as well as initial costs.

An inexpensive mailing costs a lot if you don’t get any response. On the other hand, if you pay more for a larger or better-targeted mailing that generates far more response, you’re getting a better return. Your average sale amount comes into play, too – the higher your per-sale average, the fewer responses you need to produce a nice profit.

Sending repeat mailings of the same postcard not only increases leads and sales over time, it lowers cost-per-lead, especially when you compare your cost of direct mail to each customer’s lifetime value for your business.

Professional assistance.

You wouldn’t think of handling your business taxes or legal work on your own, or even attempting to work on your own car, given the complexity of today’s technology. It’s the same with direct mail.

It’s smart to choose a full-service direct mail company that has plenty of experience working with clients in your industry. That way, you’ll benefit from their expert direct mail advice and you’ll get additional insight based on what works for other businesses like yours.

Someone who’s an experienced professional knows things you don’t about getting the most from your mailings. Not just the cost of direct mail, but how you can attract even stronger response and increase your all-important return on investment. With expertise like that on your team, you can be confident your bottom line will benefit.

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