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The Biggest Problem with Postcard Marketing and How to Avoid It

As with any marketing technique, using postcard marketing to promote your business requires strategic thinking. You can’t send just any postcard to just any audience and expect stellar results. The biggest problem with postcard marketing is missing your mark. Fortunately, it’s a problem you can easily avoid.

Start by consulting a professional.

You do it all the time to manage other aspects of your business – your legal work, your accounting and tax work, and perhaps numerous other “departmental” activities which aren’t your area of expertise. That’s what sharp business owners do, especially if they’re operating a small business with minimal staff.

No one is an expert at everything, so the key is knowing who to call to find the right expertise and put it to work for you.

You could “part out” the work needed to complete your postcard mailing, but working with a full-service company can save you time. You’ll have a single point of contact, and that streamlines the process and ensures you won’t suffer from communication breakdown or delays that sometimes come from working with multiple vendors.

How will a pro make sure your postcard marketing doesn’t miss the mark?

With years of experience and thousands of successful postcard marketing projects under their belt, they’ve seen every problem. And solved it. They know exactly what works, every step of the way. You can rely on their advice and insight to help you with all these important postcard marketing steps:


How your postcard marketing looks determines how well it’s able to grab and hold people’s attention. It has to be irresistibly eye-catching.

Right content ingredients.

Your postcard must have all the right elements in place to entice recipients to follow up. Your experts will help you create:

  • A headline that’s bold enough to draw the eye and instantly impart the most important piece of information – your offer.
  • The right offer. They’re not all created equal when it comes to motivating prospects, but your pros will know what’s proven to work best for businesses like yours. You’ll get better response, faster.
  • A compelling call to action, or CTA. Once prospects love your offer, how can they cash in? Do you want them to call, visit your office or your website? Again, the pros know which alternatives have been proven to be most successful for your type of business and offer.
  • Bullet points with relevant supporting information about your business.
  • Contact info for follow up. Where you place your contact information and how you present it can make the difference between great response and results that are less than desired. Naturally, you want the best possible return on your postcard marketing investment, so you’ll want to make it easy for prospects to contact you.

Mailing list.

Sending your carefully-crafted postcard to the wrong audience will obviously fall flat. You need a mailing list composed of prospects most likely to immediately relate to your business and message.

Postal know-how.

Mailing a letter is easy, but organizing a postcard marketing campaign so it’s Post Office-friendly can be quite complex. Allowing those who know the ins and outs of postal regulations to prep and sort your mailing can make a dramatic difference in your postage costs as well as delivery timeliness. Those things are crucial, for your marketing success and your bottom line, too.

Your team of pros will help you avoid mistakes often made by business marketers who try to go it alone, so your marketing will be problem-free and right on the mark. When you get all these elements right, you’ll have no problem seeing why postcard marketing has been so popular for so long with so many businesses.

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