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Successful Dental Marketing Plans: Where do Postcards fit in?

One of the greatest advantages of postcard marketing is its versatility. You can’t say that about every advertising or promotional technique, and that’s just one reason postcards should be an integral part of any dental marketing plan. Where should you fit them in?

Postcards aren’t simply an accessory that supports your “real” marketing. Postcards can reinforce brand awareness for your dental practice, with a visual look that matches the rest of your marketing. They can give a significant boost to your social media or other online or traditional promotions.

They can also take center stage in your dental marketing plan and be highly successful for you in that starring role.

Postcards get results.

What are your marketing goals? Postcards have been proven very effective for:

  • Bringing in new business.
  • Encouraging referrals from existing patients.
  • Upselling existing patients.
  • Revitalizing interest from of lapsed patients.
  • Generating more revenue.

You can use postcard marketing to drive prospective new patients to your website for additional information about your practice and the services you offer, or to motivate people to pick up the phone and call right away for an appointment, or to bring their postcard to your office to redeem it like a coupon.

You can target your recipient audience to match a specific campaign or meet ongoing marketing goals. Or you can easily reach every household in your marketing area — for instance, to introduce your new general dentistry practice to the entire neighborhood or community or to reach new residents when they need a new family dentist and don’t know who to pick. You can also target specific demographics, if you have a specialty practice that focuses on children or orthodontics, implants and dentures, cosmetic dentistry, etc.

You can get a postcard campaign up and running quickly compared to most forms of marketing, and that means you can start seeing results more quickly, too.

Postcards keep on working for you.

Consistent advertising is crucial for success, so repetition has to be a fundamental theme for your dental marketing plan, if you want the best possible results. Postcards are perfectly suited to help you regularly communicate with your target audience, keeping your name and key selling points in front of them on an ongoing basis.

Postcard mailings allow you to systematically create a sense of familiarity that sets the stage for conversion. You’re increasing awareness of your practice, building trust that leads to confidence – and nowhere is consumer confidence more important than when selecting a dentist.

Postcards stretch your budget.

Every dental marketing plan has a budget, and the affordability of postcards means you may be able to invest less, yet see a higher return. Typically postcard marketing returns $15.48 for every dollar you spend. For most marketers, that’s the highest ROI of any marketing medium – reason enough to give postcards an important place in your dental marketing plan.

A full-service direct mail marketing company experienced in working with dentists can help you create the most appropriate mailing list, make sure it’s accurate so you get the greatest response and advise you about postcard design and other details that will ensure you get the lowest possible postage rate. That’s strategic implementation that makes the most of your dental marketing plan.

Postcards are so versatile, they fit into a dental marketing plan almost anywhere you want to use them. That makes them a must-have for marketing success and business growth. If you haven’t been using postcards, it’s time to consult with a direct mail marketing expert to learn how you can create an effective – and cost-effective – postcard-based campaign to drive new business to your practice.

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