How We Helped


Cost Per Mailing: $560 per month for 750 tri‐fold brochures
Response: each mailing produces upwards of $6600 in revenue per month plus future repeat business from the new customers
ROI: Over 1100% return on investment


Increase sales and build customer base in 2 established locations as well as a new 3rd location.

Direct Mail Solution provided by Cactus Mailing

Mail out 750 8.5×11 Tri‐fold brochures on a monthly basis to landscaping companies around the three locations. The mailer has special offers on certain products with expiration dates which helps drive the response. The mailer also gives the recipient the ability to order over the phone or directions to one of three locations they can stop in to make their purchase.








“We recently opened a new location, and have relied almost entirely on marketing through Cactus Mailing direct mailing and follow up phone calls. Since that time we have gotten 40-50 new customers! Additionally, many more have responded to the mailings and we are working on converting them into customers. We continue to get new responses weekly. Using Cactus Mailing has been one of the best decisions we’ve made since opening our new location!”

Adam Amzalag Office Manager