How We Helped


Cost Per Mailing: $4,700 for 12,500 postcards
Response: 59 new patient calls in first 2 weeks
ROI: new patients accounted for over $185,000 in direct revenue to the practice, not to mention all the indirect revenue generated from future appointments and referrals of friends and family.


Increase new patients and revenue

Direct Mail Solution provided by Cactus Mailing

12,500 postcards (5.5×8.5 size) mailed to households with combined income of $50,000+ and children age 6-17 in the home. The mailing radius went out about 5 miles to select this demographic. Cactus Mailing designed the postcard which featured limited time offers for children and adult patients.








“Excellent company for direct mail! Loved the design of the card and the results were fantastic. Our number of new patient calls consistently doubles the months after a mailer is delivered. Also, being a busy business owner, the easy of the entire process was refreshing from start to finish. Would highly recommend direct mail through Cactus to any business looking for new, highly targeted, customers!”

Michael M. Thurman DDS, MSD