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The mailing goes out to existing and former customers with the goal to get existing subscribers to renew and former subscribers to return.

Direct Mail Solution provided by Cactus Mailing

Every Spring print 2500 4×6 size postcards and send to mailing list of existing and former customers just as Spring Training starts.

Why this campaign is so successful:
Many businesses focus their direct mail marketing on getting new customers (which is good) but in doing so they neglect a gold mine that exists with their current customers. You should always market to your customer mailing list as they will typically produce a larger response then a list of new leads.


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“As a seasonal publication we find it very useful to do a mailing at the beginning of our season to everyone in our database, both past and current customers. Cactus Mailing Company has handled this for us for the last several years and we have been very pleased with their website, the postcards they’ve printed for us, and the efficiency with which they have handled our postcard mailings.”

Mike Rutstein, Publisher