How We Helped


Mama Pita had been using Cactus Mailing for their direct mail postcard marketing since September 2011. With their first postcard mailing, their net sales went up 15% and stayed up for 6 month. They did a free entree mailer so they introduced themselves to a lot of customers that they retained as regulars. In customers, they were up an average of 35 customers a day constant for 6 months – their customers held onto their direct mailer and still brought the postcards in the restaurant months after the mailing. That’s about 1000 more customers a month that they can attribute to the mailings with Cactus Mailing.

In revenue, it is tough to estimate, as regular customers do not have a life cycle and they also introduce new customers to you. But, Mama Pita can say with confidence, an average of $10,000 a month came in extra for 6 months. That’s a total of about $60,000 in a six month period!


Increase food sales and traffic for the restaurant.

Direct Mail Solution provided by Cactus Mailing

Initial Mailing of 17,500 5.5×8.5 size postcards sent to mailing list of residents closest to the restaurant.








“I had never conducted a direct mail marketing campaign before, so I really wasn’t sure how to go about getting things started. When I contacted Jill at Cactus Mailing Company, I only had a basic idea of what I wanted to do. With her help, the whole process was a lot easier than I thought it would be and my marketing campaign was a success. Cactus Mailing Company saved me about 1,000 dollars per mailing and helped successfully target drops that yielded more than 10% return each.”

Bechara Harfouche, Mama Pita Mediterranean Grill