Stop losing money on empty rentals Use Real Estate Postcards

Stop Losing Money On Empty Rentals, Use Real Estate Postcards

For a property manager, there’s nothing worse than an empty rental. Every day that passes shrinks your bottom line a little bit more. Whether you’re managing your own property or working for someone else, losing money is a trend you cannot allow to continue. No worries, though. You can turn that around by strategically using real estate postcards to boost your occupancy rate and keep rentals filled.

It’s possible you have tried postcards before, but without the great results you had hoped for. You can turn that around, too, by understanding what you were doing wrong and instead creating real estate postcards that sell. Or should we say, rent.

Right-size your postcard.

Direct mail postcards can be as small as 4 x 6 inches. However, larger 5.5 x 8.5 or 6 x 11 sizes enable you to show prospects all the details they need to follow up with you:

  • Multiple, colorful images of your key features, whether that’s your spectacular landscaping, your sparkling pool, the gym or the cozy fireplace in each unit.
  • Descriptive details about your location, amenities and lifestyle.
  • Benefits of living in your community.
  • Testimonials.
  • Your special offer(s).
  • Locator map.
  • Contact information.

These elements portray your apartment complex as “The Place to Live”, generating the greatest response rate.

The right layout and design.

Your prospect is excited simply to receive a postcard in the mail, but your postcard has to deliver instant impact to live up to that excitement. It has to be equally spectacular on each side, because you don’t know which side your prospect will see first. Experienced postcard experts can help you create a design that makes the most of your postcard’s space yet looks fabulous and inviting instead of cramped.

The right targeting.

Who is your target market? It’s most likely current renters who want more amenities, a better price, closer proximity to services or shopping. They could encompass a variety of demographics, but they all have one thing in common: they are living in one of your competitor’s apartment complexes. Naturally, you want to convince them they would rather be living at your community. 

The most effective – and cost-effective – way to reach them is by geographically targeting your mailing list. This focuses your marketing to your best prospects — people who may be looking for a change but want to remain within a specific radius. This type of targeting enables you to improve your return on investment because you don’t waste money or other resources mailing to unqualified recipients.

The right offer.

Everyone appreciates a “signing bonus” – free rent or an introductory discount. After all, moving can be expensive, and your offer can eliminate that objection. You may also want to consider a “sweetener” such as a gift card. Just give them an undeniable reason to move.

The right timing.

Because it’s highly likely your best prospects already have a lease somewhere else, it’s important to stay in front of them until their lease is about to expire and they can take action. Mailing to every household in your area once a month is a great way to ensure your postcard is right at hand when that time comes.

Do you manage vacation rentals, too?

Postcard campaigns are perfect to fill vacation rentals at non-peak times. You can offer regular clients a special discount such as 4 nights for the price of 3, or sweeten the pot with golf, tennis, spring skiing or other shoulder season activities, dinner, etc.

When you do it right, real estate postcards can end your worries about losing money on empty rentals. All you really need is a postcard expert with successful real estate experience. They know exactly what works and what doesn’t to motivate potential renters to pick up the phone and call to schedule a community tour, stop by your office and ultimately sign a new lease.

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