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Standard Mail or First Class? Which is better?

Our Blog theme for January is “Preparing Your 2014 Direct Mail Campaigns”. Our Cactus Mailing staff has been researching and preparing to bring you fresh and insightful content. First up is our Marketing Consultant, Joe McAtee. Take it away Joe!

An important thing to think about when preparing your direct mailing is what postage rate you are going to use. Standard Mail or First Class? Choosing the wrong rate could unnecessarily increase the cost of your mailing or if the mailer is time sensitive could have them arriving in mailboxes too late.

Let’s go over the major differences between the two rates:

  • First Class: delivers within 2-5 days with an average cost of 37 cents per piece
  • Standard Mail: delivers within 6-12 days with an average cost of 26 cents per piece

As you can see Standard Mail is about 11 cents less per piece than First Class (up to 19 cents less for saturation mailings). That is a $550 savings when sending 5000 cards but it will take about 4-7 days longer for the post office to deliver. So what rate should you choose? For most business owners ROI is the most important factor and in the end having the lowest cost possible on your marketing increases your ROI.

So if you prepare and time your mailer correctly you can save money and increase your ROI by using Standard Mail. The quicker delivery of First Class is always available when in a pinch!

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