Standard Formatting and Data Processing

“Non Deliverable” Addresses

Addresses that do not pass CASS and DPV validation (meaning if they are deemed invalid or undeliverable) will be removed from
your final mailing list. We can send you a list of the undeliverable addresses upon request. If the number of “undeliverable” records exceeds 5% of the mailing list total quantity we will contact you for further instruction. Also please note we don’t offer mailing services for international mail – all international records will be removed from the final mailing list.

NCOA Update

NCOA processing will update addresses of people/businesses that have moved and have submitted a change of address form to the
Post Office within the past 18 months. Any contacts on your mailing list that have moved will be updated with the recipient’s new
mailing address

Duplicate Elimination

Our standard method for duplicate removal is to dedupe by name and address. This method requires both the name and address fields to match exactly to be considered a duplicate and then be removed from the list. If you do not want us to remove duplicate records from your list or would like us to dedupe by “Address Only” – please complete the Special Formatting Request form below and submit it with your mailing list.

Address Block Formatting

Listed below is our standard for address block formatting.
Note: Additional information/fields may added (such as the endorsement line) as required by the Postal Service.

For Mailings to Consumer/Residential Lists


For Mailings to Business Lists
INDIVIDUAL’S NAME (if supplied)
TITLE (if supplied)

Standard formatting for address blocks is all capital letters as this is how the Post Office prefers it.

“Or Current Resident”

In an effort to maximize deliverability of the mail pieces – we add “Or Current Resident” to all mail pieces. If you do not want this added to your mail piece – please complete the Special Formatting Request form below and submit it with your mailing list.

Incorrect File Submissions

Clients that submit mailing list files that are incorrectly formatted will receive notification of the discrepancy(s) and be requested to fix the issues and resubmit the files. Submitting incorrectly formatted mailing lists more than once could result in additional costs.

Resubmission of Mailing List after Processing

If after your mailing list has been processed, you decide that you need to update/change your list and resubmit it or request special formatting – you will be charged an additional $19 fee to cover the cost the additional processing. Remember – your name and address (as listed with us) will automatically be added to your mailing list but any other seed piece names will need to be added prior to processing as adding them after the list has been processed will result in the list having to be reprocessed.

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