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Spring is in the Air

Many of our clients are seasonal businesses – lawncare and landscaping, pool services, churches, etc… And spring is their busiest season. We are proud to be able to help these companies grow every spring.

Johnson Pools of Arizona – has been a client since 2009. We have seen their company grow over the years- starting their direct mail sending about 5000 cards to growing to over 200,000 cards mailed last year.

“Cactus Mailing has done a terrific job in helping us target our select market and get fliers into the hands of our potential customers promptly. It increased our sales last year by 100%!!! Direct marketing is definitely the best method we have found for increasing our sales. Cactus Mailing is professional and easy to work with. We would recommend them highly to anyone who wants to increase their business!!!” — Johnson Pools

Johnson Pools is a leader in providing weekly swimming pool cleaning and swimming pool repair. Johnson Pools takes care of all your swimming pool maintenance so you can enjoy your pool. Their technicians are always available to assist you with any swimming pool repair. They make sure that your swimming pool is always ready to use, whether it’s for your next big party or simply a place for you to relax after a busy day of work. Give them a call today and find out why we love Johnson Pools! (866) 443-1442.

Thank you Johnson Pools for being such loyal customers!

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