Signs Your Postcard Campaign Would Benefit From a New Mailing Company

Signs Your Postcard Campaign Would Benefit From A New Mailing Company

Sometimes the signs are subtle, and they sneak up on you over time. Sometimes they’re glaring – making it in-your-face obvious that your postcard campaigns would be better with a new mailing company. Do any of these issues sound familiar?

Results started off pretty good, but you’ve noticed response has been slipping.

Slippage could be due to deteriorating workmanship. And, now that you think about it, your postcards haven’t looked as brightly colorful or crisp lately as they used to. Print quality is definitely down. Drooping response could also mean your mailing plan has become stale. Perhaps you’ve worn out your welcome with one target group or geographical area. It’s time for a “refresh,” with a new mailing company that will help you with fresh, new ideas.

Results have never been anything like what you hoped/expected.

And when you complain, your mailing company keeps putting you off with “wait and see what develops” or “well, you can’t expect everyone to respond.” Of course you can’t expect every single recipient to follow up, but how come your business neighbors swear by direct mail postcards and yours don’t seem to attract much business?

They can’t seem to place your name when you call.

Or it takes forever to get an email response. Don’t you think you deserve the same kind of friendly, personal attention you give your own customers or clients or patients? Jeez!

You have to pry information out of them when you have a question or need help.

They’re evasive about providing samples of other successful work that might spark some good ideas for you. They try to dissuade you from 100% custom-designed postcards as “an unnecessary expense” – it makes you wonder if they even have graphic designers on staff who are qualified to give you the level of work you deserve

Your delivery rate seems low.

Your mailing company should help you obtain lists that are as accurate and up-to-date as possible. They should help you – or teach you how – to keep your internal mailing lists cleaned up. Above all, they should help you identify the most appropriate selection criteria for each of your mailing lists so your campaigns are always tightly targeted.

Without an excellent mailing list, you will never see excellent postcard marketing results, because you’re sending too many of your postcards to people who just don’t care. That doesn’t help you grow, and it wastes time and resources you could invest elsewhere in your business.

You’re constantly harassed with pointless sales pitches.

These are services or add-on products you couldn’t possibly use. Are they kidding? There’s a difference between help and pushiness. The right mailing company will work closely with you initially to help you explore all your direct mail options, determine the best action plan for your postcard marketing and implement it.

As they continue to work with you, they may indeed suggest additions or changes to your plan they know will benefit your mailing efforts, based on your specific business and campaign goals. But they will never try to sell you something you don’t want or need.

Your mailings don’t drop as planned.

Lack of reliability is a huge problem. Direct mail postcard success depends on consistently delivering your marketing message to your target audience. “Fits and starts” is not a valid mailing schedule, because it confuses prospects instead of building awareness and interest.

Unreliable timing is particularly deadly for short-term campaigns because these promotions are time-sensitive. Your annual sale, early bird registration deadline, grand opening, etc. will flop if people get their postcards too late to respond. Everybody loses.

These problems won’t correct themselves. If your mailing company isn’t the top-notch business partner you need, it’s time to find one that is.

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