Sell Smarter with Smart Marketing

Smart Marketing

The most important thing a brand needs to do is stay in the mind of the consumer via positive, industry-related associations. Such distinct recall ability is hard to establish in an era where people already experience an overload of advertising through the media. In order to see the best possible response from your marketing efforts, you will need a strategic approach – one that gets you in front of your target market as many times as possible to reinforce your message. Enter Smart Marketing.


What is Smart Marketing?

Smart Marketing is Cactus Mailing’s custom multi-channel marketing strategy; created to help companies both big and small make an impact on their target audience. It starts with a direct mail postcard, with a design done either by yourself or our in-house team. The postcard’s branded elements and promotions are then translated to a set of Google display ads which run concurrently with the mailing. These display ads will continue to run for your desired amount of time from the start of the campaign, and link to your landing page of choice.

Both channels have high demographic and geographic targeting capabilities, so together they have great potential to get your message in front of your desired audience multiple times throughout the campaign.


Maximize Coverage

Multi-channel marketing endeavors are advantageous because they boost brand visibility. As previously mentioned, it’s hard to stand out against the abundance of noise in both digital and traditional media. A direct mail piece helps the brand’s message stand out due to both the necessity and habit of opening mail and the isolated attention required to do so. This makes the direct mail piece an ideal starting point from which to grow brand affinity and recall ability in the mind of the consumer.

Since it’s likely that the audience will have paid attention to your initial message, they can easily recognize your brand in subsequent exposures. Your display ads will establish the digital presence of your campaign. They increase your brand’s visibility by using designs contrived from your original mail piece to promote recall – not to mention they have incredible reach when delivered via the Google Display Network. Altogether, Smart Marketing is a strategy that makes it more likely for you to be seen by your audience.


Retarget Prospects

Repetition is essential to branding, as you’ll need to build cognitive associations between your company, your industry, and your offerings. Most consumers will need multiple exposures to your branded elements before they can independently recall them. Taking steps to make repeated impressions will ensure that even customers who don’t immediately take action after seeing your ad will remember you if they have a need for your product or service later.

Retargeting is an option for Google display advertising that allows you to show your ads with greater frequency to customers who have visited a particular page on your website. This is a great option for businesses with digital storefronts as it can remind people about the products they’ve seen while browsing your website, pushing them to reconsider making a purchase.


Smart Marketing campaigns enforce repetition and lays the groundwork for brand-building while simultaneously advertising your desired products, services and special offers. It provides a structure that involves reeling in your client’s attention for your initial message and then reinforcing that message through relevant media. Cactus Mailing can provide you with everything you need to start your very own Smart Marketing initiative. From design to targeting to tracking, we can take you through the entire campaign process from start to finish. Simply fill out the form below or give us a call to get started, we’re here to make marketing smarter, not harder!

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