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Sell Smarter with Smart Marketing

There are two ways for your business to take advantage of Smart Marketing. You can devise a plan based on the widely recognized SMART strategy – one that’s Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. And you can boost your marketing ROI with a Smart Marketing approach that makes the most of both Google and Direct Mail.

Two Vehicles Drive Further Than One

Direct mail has long been recognized as an effective advertising vehicle, and it works particularly well when local businesses want to reach out to clients in certain geographical regions. The power of Google advertising, on the other hand – whether you’re working with Display Ads, AdWords, or a social media platform like Facebook – lies in its vast online reach.

Both direct mail and Google lend themselves to specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely marketing schemes. Both offer the proven advantages of a targeted and trackable advertising campaign. But when you combine these two initiatives into one potent package, your organization stands to benefit from:

  • a synchronized approach that can amplify your marketing message,
  • more effective branding of your business as a result of repetitive exposure, and
  • increased response rates overall

Direct mail’s long history as a successful ROI marketing channel is partly due to its ability to reach a very specific audience without being considered invasive. In fact, most consumers continue to view direct mail messaging as useful, authoritative, and trustworthy. And although direct mail advertising has never really died, it is enjoying a massive and well-deserved comeback among those in the know about marketing.

A Recipe for Smarter Selling

At the other end of the selling spectrum, the same elements driving digital marketing’s potential – including its relatively low cost and wide-reaching influence – also hamper its success in many cases. Digital ads, email marketing, and other online communications have become so pervasive that some reports claim the average consumer is exposed to thousands of ads every day!

Marketers have begun to realize that – when used in isolation – digital comes with some serious limitations:

  • while valuable for nurturing leads over time, direct mail postcards outperform email many times over when it comes to generating a continuous supply of new customers
  • compared with digital marketing, direct mail is consistently viewed as more personal, as promoting a higher level of consumer trust, and as the preferred mode of communication by prospects receiving unsolicited offerings
  • more than half of all direct mail postcards get read, and the Data & Marketing Association tells us that consumer response to direct mail is well over one-third greater than that of email

Quality and saturation are two of the biggest hurdles in today’s digital ad landscape. But when done right (read: when wielded by a professional and paired with direct mail), digital marketing holds incredible value for your business. In fact, as a plugged-in, trend-setting sales platform that continues to evolve with the times, digital is far more than a simple advertising add-on: the American Marketing Association calls it “an imperative” in any marketing mix.

So as far as a Smart Marketing recipe for your business promotions goes, it really comes down to this: take direct mail’s enduring credibility, add Google’s incomparable access to online consumers, and mix well for an outcome that’s more satisfying than either.

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